Quilt-non 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017
Hi Everyone,

As you all undoubtedly know, Quiltcon starts this week so for us lonely souls at home we are presenting the Second Annual Quilt-non.

Here is the lowdown....

Starting at 6am Pacific - 9am Eastern Thursday 2/23/17 and going through Noon Pacific 3pm Eastern on Sunday we will be posting fun weekend games and challenges on Instagram under the hashtag #quiltnon2017

Every 2-3 hrs from approximately 9am Eastern until Midnight Pacific (in the US) will be hosted by one of our lovely volunteers. They will be able to help you if you have questions about what is going on. When a new volunteer takes over she will post this photo on the hashtag and you can ask her a question on the post bearing this image.
Each hostess will also post a challenge, game, or tutorial. The challenges will have prizes. The rules and details are posted farther down in this post.

We have some great sponsors for prizes. Please consider purchasing items from them so that they can continue to support our community with their great products.

Since you do not have access to the vendor hall at Quiltcon you can find a lot of the same fabrics with our virtual vendors:

Pink Door Fabrics

The Intrepid Thread  

And for patterns

The Littlest Thistle

Slice of Pi Quilts

Devoted Quilter


Quilt Theory

We also have a prizes from:

Red Bandana LED lights... if you are a shop owner and would like to carry these amazing lights that (I can tell you from first hand experience) fly out the door contact Anne

Quilty Obsession

And last but not least Aurifil Thread is donating this awesome collection of Carolyn Friedlander's 80wt Applique thread.

And a $50 discount on longarm services from Upstairs Birdie

There are also prizes from my shop, some of the hostesses, and other Good Samaritans that will be announced along the way.

Rules (or just information that you might like to know):

There are tutorials and challenges. The challenges have prizes and you are eligible for those prizes if you enter the challenge in the time period that it is posted. This gives you lots of chances to win prizes. So you have a chance no matter if you can only play once or twice during the weekend or every time.

Some of the time slots will be for tutorials. Tutorials also have prizes associated with them but they will be awarded on Sunday. We have a tutorial for a hanging pincushion, a wool project, and tutorials for 6" blocks to make a mini sampler quilt as a memento of the weekend. If you finish any of these projects during the weekend you will be eligible for one of the three prizes on Sunday.

We will post a UFO challenge at the beginning of the event and there will be a prize for that on Sunday as well.

Come and play... do one or do all of the challenges. It s up to you how much you participate. Make sure you use the hashtag when you post #quiltnon2017


I will add a link here to each of the tutorials as they are published. Two blocks will be published in the morning each day Thursday through Saturday so that you have time to finish by Sunday.

The link to the tutorial for this adorable thing will be added Thursday Morning it's up.

by Heidi Staples of 
If you make the Pinnie Pennant you will be eligible for a drawing on Sunday.

Our Sampler Blocks Tutorials (two will be added each day):

Tutorial for Blocks 1 and 2 : Click Here

Tutorial for Blocks 3 and 4 : Click Here

Tutorial for Blocks 5 (Brought to us by Nadia) : Click Here


Tutorial for Blocks 6 (the last one): Click Here


If you make six blocks in for our mini sampler you will be eligible for a drawing on Sunday.  Please use the hashtag #quiltnonsampler with a picture of your 6 blocks so that it is easier for us to find you for the giveaway.

If you have asked a question here and not gotten an answer it is because you are no reply meaning that I cannot contact you because your email does not show when you reply. Please leave your email if you have a question just in case you are no reply. You can code it so the bots won't spam you by saying "soanso at suchnsuchemail dot com"

I know some people do not use Instagram. I am sorry. It is really the only way to run this event because we need real time feedback. I am not doing this for my business it is simply a way to keep my mind off of the fact that I can't go to Quiltcon. So again I am sorry that I can't make it fit for everyone.
11 comments on "Quilt-non 2017"
  1. Looks great! Everything in perfect order 💖

  2. I won't be able to play all day on any of the days, but I will play when I can.

  3. The early paragraph says #quiltnon2016: Starting at 6am Pacific - 9am Eastern Thursday 2/23/17 and going through Noon Pacific 3pm Eastern on Sunday we will be posting fun weekend games and challenges on Instagram under the hashtag #quiltnon2016
    I'm sure you mean #quiltnon2017 as you have that later, but you may want to change it.

  4. I had so much fun last year and look forward to another! Thanks to all for doing this!

  5. Last year was so much fun, excited for the fun and games in this 2nd Annual Quiltnon. I may never go to the real Quiltcon!! And, I just got home from a 12 hour shift to realize that Quiltnon2017 starts very early tomorrow! Thank you!

  6. Yay! I loved this last year, and I'm excited for this one! Thanks for organising the event a

  7. Yay! I can't wait to play!!! (I don't know if my message will go through.....that darn new thing with yahoo ...let me know if it does!) So should we not post pictures of our blocks until they are all complete @ the hostage for sampler? Can we post individual to the quilt non hashtag? Thank you printedfor hosting another fun weekend!

  8. Better late than never! Thank you Julie for hosting this fun weekend! And thank you to all the sponsors! I'm going to try to get a few things done!


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