New Quilter's Planner Stickers

Saturday, September 15, 2018
Free October Planner Stickers

Hey Everyone,

I know it has been a couple months since I made stickers for you all. But I have been super busy. Here is a whole passel of free stickers. I have decided to do them for free from now on so I don't have to feel guilty if I miss a month.

I am still an affiliate for that adorable Quilter's Planner. This time with Bonnie and Camille theme. They start shipping soon... for next year. It comes with a sweet magazine and a bunch of patterns.

Here are some pre-view pics...

Free Planner Stickers from The Intrepid Thread

Free Stickers from The Intrepid Thread

Free Planner Stickers from

Free Stickers from

I hope you enjoy them :)


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