New Quilter's Planner Stickers for December

Saturday, November 24, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I made new fun stickers for December. If you prefer non Christmas stickers you can use the Winter Stickers from January of this year. This time I made day changer stickers too, for those of use that prefer Monday starts on the week (my personal favorite) as well. These stickers will cover the day labels in the planner. I made every color of the rainbow and you can reprint your favorites :) Here is the link to download the zip file with all of the files in it. I have made two versions of two of the pages so you can pick your favorite girls...

Hope you love them!


2 comments on "New Quilter's Planner Stickers for December"
  1. Thanks so much love your labels, wonderful gift.

  2. If anything Julie, your artwork is getting better and better! Just stunning, and I love the date covers. Any chance of sets of plain numbers to go with them when you have time, please?


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