Tap, Tap, Tap... is this thing on? (Free Quilt Pattern)

Saturday, December 10, 2022

 Hey Everyone,

Bet you thought I disappeared, huh? Well, I didn't, I just had a 12 year detour into shop ownership... it's crazy... and with the advent of Instagram blogging went by the wayside. I posted 4500+ posts on Instagram and kind of gave up the blog... it was so much easier just to post a picture and run. But the last couple of months it has been on my mind to start blogging again. I was reluctant though. I was afraid I wouldn't find anything to say... my perfectionist tendencies would put a burden on me of posting nearly daily like I used to and it would add one more thing to my plate... but I have decided it is okay to just post when there is something to say. Or just for fun... whatever. We will see how it goes... if it doesn't go, no harm, no foul :)

Did you know I sell Liberty now? And Tilda? and that is about all I sell... I have a subscription box service and send out happy little packages every month with Liberty in them... that's all I want to say about the shop though. I am video taping a little class for the free pattern that is on Tilda's website that makes that sweet little flower block above. I love teaching more than anything else that I do. When I started the shop that was my goal... to design and teach. There hasn't been enough time for that in a very long time. I am hoping to change that this year. Do you want to keep me accountable? 

The Tree block below is one of our new BOMs that starts in January. You have probably heard me say all quilts need a house and a tree :)

What are your goals for 2023 that do not have to do with weight or fitness? Please, comment and let me know.

The hubby and I are about to pack up the house and leave California... it's too peopley here :) I can't wait to have a bigger house where I can actually have a white wall with nothing on it ... I know that is a funny goal huh? There is literally not a single wall in my house that doesn't have a piece of furniture against it... it is so crazy. I need a blank wall for pictures and to put my design wall up :) 

I will be back soon-ish... with more :)

2 comments on "Tap, Tap, Tap... is this thing on? (Free Quilt Pattern)"
  1. Hey Julie! Good to see you back, and I will enjoy if you pop in now and then. I don't do Instagram (weird, I know!) so I've missed about 4500 of your most recent shares. But blogger dashboard let me know when you returned to this space. Cool.

  2. In April, I will start a year-long, deeply personal quilt project for the year before I turn 40. I'm excited about it and plan to focus on bringing joy into life and finding joy where I am.

    Leaving CA?! Where are you headed? We daydream of this, too, but we are here for the foreseeable future.


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