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Monday, September 20, 2010
Hi Everyone,

Only 6 more posts until my hundredth... I missed my blogiversary in August (just too busy getting ready for Italy) but I am going to do a nice give away for my hundredth so stay tuned.

My question is... would you mind seeing posts about the clothing I make for my dolls? The dolls I collect are called Asian Ball Jointed Dolls and some people are bothered by the way they look. They have glass eyes and are jointed so that they pose pretty realistically. I have a friend that says they freak her out like clowns do. I don't want to drive anyone away by showing them, but sometimes I do create for them and would like to share it if anyone wants to see. Please, answer honestly. I promise not to be offended :)

And here is a gratuitous Rome shot... I promise more for those who asked.

3 comments on "A question..."
  1. I would love to see doll clothes! My mother made fabulous outfits for all my barbies and even a wedding ensemble for my Chrissy doll. I have three boys so I can only hope I'll have some granddaughters someday who need some dolls to dress up.

  2. Send in the clowns...whoops I mean the dolls!

  3. I would love to see your BJD clothes! My niece has two - sorry I don't have specs but one is bigger than Barbie and the other is ginormous. I've looked into clothing patterns for her and have had fun sending her scraps. If you're interested I did a post about them last Xmas:


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