I have a little crush....

Sunday, September 26, 2010
...or six!

(Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner)
And guess what? I am gonna share. Remember I said my 100th post was coming... just 4 posts away!

I finally have a design wall. I have needed one forever (of course who doesn't) but never had a place to put one. This now stands behind the quilt frame where my ironing board was.

I will just have to put up and take down the ironing board from now on. There is no way I could have gotten this quilt right without the wall... this is my quilt for the Fat Quarterly Quilt Along.

I have a couple more posts planned ... gotta get to that 100....

Talk soon!
2 comments on "I have a little crush...."
  1. Great design wall! I'm so jealous - I know where I want one, but I haven't had the time to get the room in shape to put it up! Maybe now that boat season's over....

  2. I need to get one up, but it's behind my sewing machine, and I'll have to stand on the desk to use it!

    I LOVE your quilt along quilt... it's beautiful. (as are those fabrics you're flaunting). ;)


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