Are you ready for "quite a tale"?

Monday, October 4, 2010
Hi Everyone...

Jumping right in here... you know how everyone is hosting give aways of Go! Cutters? You may or may not know I haven't won one :) I really have been trying ever so hard. So on Friday, when they announced the Go Baby, I promptly told my hubby I wanted one for my birthday. I can't afford a Go! I know lots of people can and I am really happy for them. I just can't and I understand that. My frugal little heart still hopes...

PS: I Have a Notion has Go Baby pre-orders for a super price. (oops sorry about the youtube video I was trying to show someone how to make a wig, no it isn't me in the video) link is fixed.

Sunday rolled around and I got an email from Joann's (yay coupons) and there is a sale for Sizzix die cutters. I don't scrap book. No, seriously, since the digital age came we don't even have printed pictures. I have done some stamping, but if I got a new hobby there would be no place to house it :) .... but I digress. I always wondered if those dies would cut fabric. Guess what, you might already know, they do!!! Now Joann's has the Big Shot and the Big Kick on sale for $69.99  frugal little heart beats faster... but will they have dies that I as a quilter will want to use on fabric? Oh joy of joys, YES! They have teamed up with Westmister Fibers to offer quilter's dies. Now I know they are new to the market and don't have a lot of dies available for quilting yet but they have thousands of other dies to choose from and some of them are perfectly well suited to applique shapes. But guess what else??? Promise not to send the Accu Police after me? The Go dies work in the Sizzix machines (at least the ones that are a size the fit into the platform) probably the ones that the Go Baby can use, but I will have to check so don't quote me. Unfortunately the Sizzix don't go in the Go machines because they are thicker.

So today I got out my Joann's coupon (just in case there was something else there I couldn't live without) and went with my little pocket book to pick up a Big Shot... they only had the Big Kick but they are the same as far as I can tell and the dies I want to use work in both... this is an older version but again the only difference is the color, and I like red anyway... ta da!

Ain't she cute?
Comes with a multi purpose platform (for use with different thicknesses of dies) and two cutting mats/boards.

Aren't these adorable? (used my coupon on the reindeer he wasn't on sale) Can't you just see a cute little Christmas wall hanging.

This little tiny thin die is called a Sizzlit it is not recommended for fabric. Did that stop me? I figured one thickness of fabric was no worse than a piece of card stock. It worked fine, I might not do it all the time... just sayin'. Above you see the die on one of the cutting mats and the platform.

With the fabric on the die. When cutting fabric with the thinner dies putting a piece of paper on top is supposed to help... so I used some junk mail (Joann's is good for lots of things).

With junk mail on top.

with top cutting mat on
ready to go


Yay! Junkmail snowflakes!

Yay! Fabric snowflakes. Just iron on some fusible before you cut and they are ready to go.

So now I need to order some quilting dies when I save up a few dollars. As soon as I get some I will be back for a review...with the Go ones too :) 

PS: one more post until the big 100

Talk soon!
7 comments on "Are you ready for "quite a tale"?"
  1. looks like you're having fun with your sizzlit.
    Like the snowflakes!!

  2. Awesome! I've been wanting a die cutter so bad! I'm going to check out the Go! Baby now.

    ps: Your I Have a Notion link took me to a youtube video

  3. Looks like fun Julie! I'll be watching because I haven't won and can't afford the GO either!

  4. Good for you for finding an alternative for now. Maybe eventually you'll win (or get) a Go! I keep trying to win one also.....but haven't yet. I may try the same route you've taken.

    Keep posting about this and your success with it. It will inspire me. :-) And thanks for sharing.

  5. okay that is cool! I may have to go to my Joann's Thanks for checking this out I have wondered.

  6. Very clever. I've read of people even altering the die cuts to fit thru various die cut machines.

    I too never started the scrapbook kick. I mean, why would I want to take any room away that I could store fabric in!

  7. Thanks for sharing your story/experiment... I love a happy ending!


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