Brown Bag Challenge

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Hi Everyone,

Over at Stash Manicure what seems like a year ago (but wasn't) a brown bag chalenge was issued. My partner is a wonderful lady in Australia and she sent me some challenge fabrics to make a quilt from... I have to use 90% of what she sent in one quilt. I took the challenge to mean they all had to be in the top of the quilt but it doesn't say that anywhere in the rules, I don't think. Anyway, here is a picture of the fabrics and postcards she sent, as well as my Material Obsessions 2 book:

It is quite a mix of colors and styles as you can see. The chartreuse batik was the one that really had me stumped. The book is a great inspiration tool. The way those two take challenges and make them their own is wonderful. I took this picture way back when the fabric first came I don't know why it never made it into a post. All of the fabrics are cut up and ready to be sewn together... actually the center (about 30" square) is sewn together already. The quilt will be a mixture of piecing and applique. It will be completely different from almost anything I have done and I think that was what this challenge was about. I got to use my Sizzix cutter for the applique pieces. I am enjoying it more and more as I use it. This challenge is a great way t o make me step out of my comfort zone as far as technique and color choices. Even the different styles of fabrics are a challenge... I never would have thought to put batiks with the other prints here. I just hope the quilt comes out presentable :)

Talk Soon!
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