Still need some round robins... and some things I have been working on.

Saturday, December 11, 2010
Hi Everyone,

We are still in need of a couple of people to participate in the round robin I posted about here. It doesn't start until January or early February so it won't interfere with your Holidays :)

Go check out Quilt Hope In to see a post about the women and children we will be helping.

Here are a few of the Christmas presents I have been making:

For my Niece a Cosmo Bag from Amy Butler's new book Style Stitches ( I design my own most of the time but I couldn't resist this book)

I love how this turned out and the covered button! I will never make one again. It has 50 or more pieces ... took forever to cut out :)

Another Amy bag... they were special requests. This one for my Aunt:

And this one for my cousin:

Here is a gratuitous picture of my animals... just because.

Aren't they cute? Doesn't it look like they love each other? This is really what they are thinking:

3 comments on "Still need some round robins... and some things I have been working on."
  1. I know what you're saying about the Amy Butler patterns! I've made three now and they turn out fabulous - but take forever to make! And funny thing, I don't own any of them either! I especially love the Cosmo one you made! I'd really like that one for myself.

  2. love those bags. They are just awesome

  3. I like the fabrics you chose for your bags! You give good presents!

    I made a Cosmo bag, too, recently, and it was a bugger. I don't think I would make another one either. I am working on the Miss Maven right now and it is actually easier I think, even though it's farther into the book.


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