Going Postal

Saturday, February 5, 2011
The pictures say it all....

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  1. Yikes! Have received a lot of fabric in the mail and never had any problems. I would definitely have some words with the post office. What a shame, such lovely fabric. Hope you can get a replacement.

  2. Oh My Goodness!!!! I have actually received an envelope like this empty!! Fortunately it was from my friend and she was able to reproduce most of the package. I have not ever seen the fabric damaged though. What did you do besides screaming at the top of your lungs!!!!!!!!!

  3. Boo hoo...if fabric is hurt, I hurt. Hope you can get some more.

  4. You need to go and file a formal complaint with the postal service. Take the package and items with you for visual. Contact the sender to see if insured or if this was an order, they may replace and also followup on their side. I have never received a damaged, some items from overseas that customes opened and then resealed, but nothing damaged - as well as items I've shipped overseas have been opened by customs - not damaged.

  5. Oh no! The USPS is down right scary! So sorry this happened to your beautiful fabric!

  6. Ouch! I have had packages arrive like this but the fabric has always been in good condition.
    Can you imagine the force it takes to destroy the outer package, the plastic around the fabric and the fabric itself?
    Did you go to the post office to complain? I mean they destroyed it so they have to do something about it?

  7. Oh how sad. Did you cry? I would have cried.

  8. O my goodness, that is awful. I would have screamed and cried!

  9. Well that says alot for the new flat rate envelopes doesn't it.

  10. Oh, GRRRR. Will the post office replace it?

  11. I'm so sorry you had to get a package like this. Those flat rate envies are getting thinner and thinner all the time.

  12. bummer,,, def deal with it... and I love that line!!

  13. awe...too bad. I hope it was insured, but probably not. I once received a beautiful photo in the mail, shredded!

  14. Oh no! How did that happen? I would be soooo mad at the USPS!

  15. I can relate! Had a quilt book in the mail that had a CD in the back cover and they folded the pkg in half to stuff it in the box...and don't think I wasn't mad, because we have a cluster mailbox, so it has 2 larger boxes off to the side for large packages. Then about a month ago, here comes another envelope with material and the outside was all tore up and material soiled. This time it was more than I could take, so my hubby went to the PO and complained, taking the evidence with him. NOW, when packages are delivered, they use the larger boxes which is what they're there for...and they wonder why people aren't using the PO as much as they used to! Hope you can get it resolved.

  16. what the world?? it always makes me wonder how this happens. do they lay it in the road and run over a few times? the sit on it? geez.

  17. I have sooo received scrapbook paper like this and it is so frustrating :(

  18. That's just awful! I hate it when you don't get what you pay for...even though this is obviously not the seller's issue.

  19. THat's terrible! Will the PO reimburse you?


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