Two posts in a day... wow!

Friday, February 18, 2011
There might be more than two as well...

So many things have been running through my head lately. I met a wonderful new friend a few weeks ago (I am gonna highlight her and her blog below) who is completely brand spankin' new to quilting. I can't even remember that time in my life 16 yrs ago. I guess the fact that I have sewn  almost all my life (started machine sewing at 5) it didn't seem like a big learning curve when I started quilting. Since I lived in Germany and didn't have a lot of access to fabric stores etc (only one car for two of us),  I taught myself to quilt from McCalls quilting and American Patchwork and Quilting. I made a few mistakes in the beginning, like ironing my seams open (which lots of people do now but was a big no no back then), but I learned pretty well from those magazines. I even learned the right way to do binding from them. I digress... I am helping, by little bits and pieces, her to learn quilting. It made me want to write some very basic quilting directions. Like how to get a perfect 1/4 seam when you don't have a 1/4 foot... How to make sure your seams match and your points are pointy. So I am wondering if these kind of things are already out there.

 In the mean time let me tell you about Becky, my new friend. Becky is becoming a grandma today at the ripe old age of ( maybe I shouldn't tell you but she is younger than me)... well, it might actually not be until tomorrow you know how these things can go with a first child. Becky is an amazing artist. She paints, yes, really paints. I am so in awe of people that can stand in front of a blank canvas and create something beautiful out of it. She also has an extensive scrapbooking resume, she is part of quite a few manufacturers design teams. So as I help teach her to quilt she is introducing me to art and scrapbooking. Her emails are looked forward to everyday...

This is one of her paintings that is available at a really reasonable price.
 Every week she posts layouts for scrapbooking, her quilting progress, her wonderful photography, and her art work. Please go take a look at her blog... I think you will enjoy her.

...and a bit more about art. As I said Becky is helping me understand art and one of the things she introduced me to is The She Art Workshop it is an online mixed media art class. It starts Feb.28 and I am so excited. I tried making a little something before Valentines day on a piece of recycled cardboard just for fun. I think it is really bad but that is why I am taking a class right? I am calling it road kill... thought about adding a tab here called "Road Kill" where I could post these things but... someday I hope to have something that looks less like roadkill and I don't want to jinx myself LOL The person putting on the class is named Christy Tomlinson she has a long history in the scrapbooking world and it is really interesting. She always has something creatively inspiring posted so you might want to check her out too :)
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  1. OMGosh you are a sweetheart! Awwhhhhh I really am crying here. Thank you so much! I am so glad I hit send on that first email to you :)!!!

    And your painting WAS NOT roadkill. I think you will do awesome with this She Art Workshop and I can't wait to see what you create.


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