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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I was super busy with orders yesterday but not able to ship because the PO was closed... so in the hour that I normally would have been getting shipping printed I decided to play with a few new things that came in (and a few that were already here). Put together these bundles.

From Lilac to Grape:

And From Cream To Curry:

What do you think? I love yellow and purple together so maybe I should have mixed them up :)

Be sure to come back tomorrow for something really fun... it is a secret :)
25 comments on "Playing around..."
  1. Oh, they're so pretty! The purple reminds me of lilac...which are in full bloom in my birth month, May! I think you could easily mix them. =)

  2. I love them both. I think the curry is my favorite.

  3. I love them both and they would actually go together as royalty colors too!

  4. the yellow stack is gorgeous as is!

  5. I have so much to learn about color...... Those are awesome!

  6. Pretty! What about blues for dudes?

  7. hum.... love the colors, yes go for a blend purple and yellow bundles.

    i prefer the way you put your yellow bundle, the solid fabric between print instead of all together.

    well. great work

  8. Like a bundle of spring flowers - lilacs and daffodils!

  9. Pretty! Ya, maybe you should mix 'em up...springy. :)

  10. They look great. I really love it when people put together custom bundles.

  11. Beautiful stacks! I say yes o mixing them. I like purple and yellow together, too.

  12. They could easily be mixed but I love the Cream to Curry!

  13. Yes, they would look great mix together. I have always liked yellow and purple together.

  14. Mmmmm, I love the curry stack. Don't mix them, this one is so subtle and rich, nice scale range too!

  15. Blogger won't let me see the curry stack but I loved the purples!

  16. You have such a great eye for color! Is it `tomorrow` where you are yet?

  17. My son was looking over my shoulder as I looked at these and he kind of echoed my thoughts. A very simple "yes, please" I love them all - mixed or not. Hope

  18. I love the new bundles from Poetica


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