Sometimes it is just for me...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Hi Everyone!

Most of the time, when I meet with sales reps, I try to pick fabric that I think you all will love. Of course, it is my business to bring you things you love and want. Sometimes I am not sure what you will go for so I miss the mark. Sometimes I buy something because it speaks to my soul even if I am not sure how you will receive it. There is a fabric collection coming this week from Westminster that is one that spoke to my soul. I have been anticipating this line for months and I am so excited. Have you ever heard of Dan Bennett? He is an artist. This is his third fabric collection. It is called Cosmos:

 ** Edit
They aren't Fish eyes! Honest it is just that picture they they used when you see it in real life it just looks more like a paint splatter... will definitely not use that picture to sell the fabric with LOL
This is Azure

This is Vermillion
 These tiny pictures don't do it justice... the border print (second one down on the left in each picture) is really cool. Well, you know that the Azure colorway is my fave but I am sure that the Vermillion is Sally's fave :) Did you know that I take Sally with me to appointments at Quilt Market to help me pick warm toned fabrics since they aren't my thing? It is good to have friends.

Sometimes I have to take a chance. Last year it was Pernilla's Journey which did really well, thankfully. Well I hope you all can see the potential in this one too. I can't wait to get IRL pictures so you can see how cool these are.

The Outfoxed bracelet prints are back if you missed out the first time. My fave is this one:

Talk soon!
29 comments on "Sometimes it is just for me..."
  1. Oh I LOVE the Vermillion, but the Azure is gorgeous too. Fab choice. I`m excited about this one.

  2. We must have similiar taste because I love these!

  3. These are right up my creative alley. Well done!

  4. I love them, they look like funny spermies or fish :)

  5. We must have similar taste, the Azure is gorgeous

  6. It is a beautiful collection!

  7. Oh i love the Azure one. The white background with the fish eyes is cool. Where do you get this cool stuff from?

    Make sure you stop by and put your guess in my quilt givaway by guessing my babys B-day or Birth Weight.

  8. Beautiful! Azure is my favorite!

  9. Well they say "Great minds run along the same lines" and in this case it's true. Can't wait til these come in!

  10. Love it, can't wait to see it in your shop.

  11. I'm anxious to see that border print in a larger format. Looks cool.

  12. I love the azure colorway. It is just so peaceful to look at :)

  13. The azure is breathtaking! But those one-eyed fish heads kind of creep me out.

  14. Yep, Azure is my favorite too.

    Although I'd probably skip out on the fish heads. lol. Maybe they are peacock feathers?

  15. I was thinking, how beautiful...but then that one fabric looked like bulging fish eyes to me! LOL...the rest is beautiful though. =)

  16. I've not heard of Dan Bennett before, thanks for the intro! The prints are stunning and I love the Azure colourway, but not quite sure on the fish eyes!

  17. LOL!!!!! You are so silly!! I was going to ask if those were little fish =P

  18. Ahh, it must be so much fun fabric shopping, oh, and to be your friend that gets taken to Quilt Market too!

  19. Both super bundles - excellent pick of fabrics.

  20. I love both color ways - gorgeous! Can't wait to see your IRL pics!

  21. wow wow and rewow! so beautiful this cosmos collection!!!! impress you have such good taste!

  22. I'm so glad you're bringing in this new line! It's to die for! Cool tones are my fav, so I adore the Azure, too. Gee, I hope you have enough to go around for all the cool gals!

  23. Ohhhhhh you guessed it! I love the Vermillion!! Hugs!!

  24. Jewel, Hi! I would say that your taste is impeccable. The Azure is gorgeous! Sandy. :)

  25. These are really cool! Buy what speaks to your soul. We all love you because we love your style and taste. So, trust your gut/soul! I love the Pezzy's, too!

  26. very special fabrics, my favorite is
    Vermillion, please let me know when they are avaible ☺

  27. Dan Bennett is so unique - I love, love his fabric and the azure line is great. Can't wait until I can get me some!


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