10% off Discount Code

Saturday, September 8, 2012
Hey Everyone...

This is coupon code is good until Friday: MOMTIME ...it is Back To School so now we have Mom Time get it?

I will announce the winner of last weeks giveaway this afternoon when I get home.
3 comments on "10% off Discount Code"
  1. Thank you for another wonderful sale! Now if only I hadn't bought my hubs a new lap top last week!

  2. I enjoyed my momtime this week! Nothing like back to school! I do have to say, I adjusted much better than last year. My fabric and new sewing machine certainly helped!

  3. I am not enjoying MOM TIME so much. It means my kids are off on their own - one newly married (living 1.5 hours away) w/ a new job as a Kindergarten teacher and the other 6 hours away in college.
    I miss my kids. :(


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