Word Verification and a Coupon Code

Saturday, September 15, 2012
Hi Everyone,

About the middle of yesterday I decided to turn off word verification for comments. I had turned it on because I was getting spam and with the 100-200 legitimate emails I get a day I didn't need more with spam from comments. I had complatins that people don't like doing word verification so I took a chance and removed it. Well I have already had about 50 spam comments since I stopped. I am turning it back on. Some of them aren't even ugly spam... but I am still not going to deal with it. If you look at yesterdays post you can see the one I left active there. Trying disabling anonymous comments and seeingouw that goes. Thanks for the tip Katy.

Having a little sale becuase my husband says it is time for us to be able to pass through the hallways again :) the coupon code is PASSTIME15 and it is 15% off.
18 comments on "Word Verification and a Coupon Code"
  1. Hi Jewel, I was one that complained and I apologize for the inconvenience it caused you. I do understand and it is my own old eyes that are causing me grief so I shouldn't pass it on to you, Please forgive me for my complaint. I guess I'm just a big baby. Thyme to put on my big girl pants and get some new glasses I guess. heheh. sorry...

  2. Heheh, it only took me three tries this time.

  3. Ah, well I do hate them because being dyslexic they're extremely hard to read and type in, it often takes about 5 attempts to get it right, but if you disable Anonymous comments then it should work okay. I didn't complain though lol

    Thanks for the code anyway :o)

  4. I can see now why it would be so important to have that turned on. Normally, it's just a pain to do the word thingy, but this past week, it just absolutely, steadfastly refused to accept anything I wrote. I don't know if there was something wrong with they system, blogspot or what... but hopefully it's fixed by now.

  5. Oh thank goodness, I really hate that word verification thingy! I hope everyone gets the hint and will get rid of it as for the visually challenged it is NO FUN!

  6. Thank you husband for us all! Sale code - WOOT!

  7. The word verification has gotten dreadful lately. I often will try once or twice and then just give up.

  8. I did the same thing and got a couple of complaints...I started marking every spam email as spam and they have definitely slowed. Thanks for the code.

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  10. Turning off anonymous comments should help a lot with spam and still allow you to not have to use word verification. I can imagine the headache you probably had after yesterday!

  11. And even now as I am typing this I see that there is a spam comment just above my last one. Really if the spam continues to be an issue, just turn word verification back on. I know lots of folks might not be excited about that, but this is your blog and you need to do what works for you!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. You work hard enough as a small business owner, it's a real shame that spammers have to dilute our enjoyment of your fabric loveliness. Thanks for the code .

  14. I hope not allowing anonymous comments helps. I have not used WV in a couple of years, but then again I don't have a business.

  15. I don't see a spam comment in YESTERDAY's but I do see one from Peter Whiteson today. ARRRGH. I don't know if I complained or not, but I do have trouble with word verification.

  16. Unfortunately even with anonymous comments disabled you'll still get spam; half the comments on my blog are spam, generally on old posts and they're not anonymous. Normally a business of dubious nature, occasionally links to blogs on KFC of all things. As a result I went back to the really annoying word verification.

  17. I certainly can feel your pain about the spam - I don't have word verification on my blog, but I get 20-30 spam comments each day. Fortunately, blogger catches most of them, but it's still annoying to see them show up in my e-mail. Do whatever you have to do for yourself - your time is valuable!

  18. Bonnie Hunter's blog just had something about word verification and stopping spam. I don't have a link but she gets lots of comments and no problems. I think she posted it this week or last week, very information...it may help you :)


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