Kona Solids, Essex Linen, and Spot On

Monday, October 8, 2012
I got a shipment from Kaufman today.

Kona (I know I need more colors this is just a start)

Essex Linen

Spot On

And since I did some fun bundles with Spot On here is a picture:

Talk soon :)
13 comments on "Kona Solids, Essex Linen, and Spot On"
  1. Those spot ons are awesome! Great colors and design. Love em!

  2. Please combine orders in one box if you can. Thanks, looking forward to the linen!

  3. Oh wow,
    I just LOVE the Essex Linen!

    I am a huge Linen fan, and the quality of these is awesome and the price is unbeatable! Linen is even more exprensive at the big J, and they don't have such nice colors.

    My favorites are the yarn died ones.


  4. Oh I have spots before my eyes!!! Loving the Linen and I have to agree your prices are really good. Hugs

  5. Cool fabric, but those dots would make me dizzy!! lol!!

  6. Those are gorgeous! I could have some serious fun with them!!

  7. I hadn't seen the spots before - for some reason though I don't usually work with dots, I think it might make a really cool binding, hmmm...

  8. OOoh those are awesome. I haven't seen those before now.

  9. So, so happy you are going to be carrying Kona cottons!!! I haven't used the Essex Linen yet but I've heard wonderful things about it! You rock Julie!


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