My brain on scrambled eggs

Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Here are some thoughts that are scrambling my brain right now... first off because we need a pretty picture:

Baby Gift Set using Down Under fabric by Mint Blossom
Don't you love what JodieLeighWu did with Down Under? LOVE

Okay now for the scrambled eggs that are my brain at the moment.

To go brick and mortar or to go warehouse? That is the question. I forgot my blogiversary it was in August 3 yrs... it is 5  4 posts until my 600th post... better have a party. Newsletter in 2 weeks oops was too busy to send out fabric might be kinda bare but November should be chock full.... where did I lay my pen? Brick and Mortar or Warehouse? What to do what to do... Will mom move in? Better get the fabric out of here into a brick and mortar or a warehouse so she has somewhere to sleep... hmmm which one? Did I remember my dentist appointment? Did I remember Erin's Ortho appointment? Still can't find my pen.

Okay now that I downloaded maybe I can sleep tonight :)

Rock and Romance will be here tomorrow (as long as the UPS man remembers to drop it off).
24 comments on "My brain on scrambled eggs"
  1. oh my that is quite the debate...wish I could be more help! I do have a newsletter project for you, if that helps! Hugs!!

  2. tough decision Julie!
    I'll be praying for wisdom, discernment and peace for you in this craziness!

  3. Warehouse to start, try a one year lease. I'll try and get you an email on this, have a friend who did this.

  4. Wow big decisions! Brick and mortar is probably a bigger responsibility, then warehouse space. You must be busting at the seams right now. I think Auntie Pami has the right idea.

  5. Good luck on your decision I'm sure it's tough but you'll figure out what's best for you.

    P.S. stop getting such pretty fabrics in please.

  6. I say warehouse. It's easier and gives you time to get organized. You can always go bricks and mortar later if you change you mind. Good luck!

  7. Brick and mortar! Brick and Mortar! We need more B&M stores like what you offer.

  8. I'll make that decision for you if you will pick paint colors and carpet colors for me. Deal??

    LOVE that quilt from Down under!!!

  9. You've got a lot to think about! My vote is brick and mortar but that's because I think it would be beyond super cool to be able to visit your store whenever I'm home and fondle all the gorgeous fabric I see online! I hope everything is okay with your mom with her moving in. Good luck figuring it all out! Did you think 3 years ago when you started your blog that you would be having this debate? Hugs!

  10. A warehouse would seem to be a way to eeeeaaassseeee into a brick & mortar shop.
    On the other hand, a shop would be nice! There is a quite small quilt shop in Norco, CA that seems to be a unique shopping experience: instead of having bolts of fabric in the shop, they put small samples into VHR cassette cases. So you can still feel the fabric, but it doesn't take as much display room. You take the cases you want up to the counter & they go into the back where all the bolts are & cut it for you. (They have an online shop too)

  11. I vote warehouse and concentrate on strengthening your online presence - many, many more potential customers , bigger profit margin, and less stress.

  12. Hang in there Julie! You have a lot to think about now, but you'll figure it out. Just remember to breathe! ;)

  13. I would go warehouse. The space is usually cheaper per sq foot than retail and you can work whatever hours you wish. You could invite customers to shop via appointment if you wish.

  14. ack! Such a big decision!! I honestly wish we had a brick and mortar shop around here that I could go to. It's really nice to be able to see the fabrics in person sometimes :)

  15. I hope you got some sleep with all of that buzzing around your head. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you figure this all out :)

  16. Deep breaths, cup of hot tea, long walk, picnic under a large tree, listen to the birds, deep breaths, great book, cat nap, belly laugh with friends, favorite movie, deep breaths[don't forget to exhale] ditch the pen -- colored pencils are more fun.


  17. I totally know that feeling some days. Hope you get some time to relax relatively soon. Cannot WAIT for Rock n Romance. I have been waiting all September and it will finally be here, YAY! I know it is already out other places, but I have been waiting until you had it :)

    Try to stay sane! <3

  18. Such a decision. Like some of the other commenters, you could go warehouse and them open it up every so often to allow the locals a shopping experience but you wouldn't be committed to doing that every day. Wishing you peace in your decision.

  19. Wow! Sometimes it seems that we have way too much on our plates.. I've been stressing over some big decisions lately too, and it surely makes for a restless night... Hope things calm down for you soon! :-) Rock and Romance is an absolutely gorgeous line!!! :-)

  20. Julie, it was about a year ago when you were working on that 1000th follower. I even did a giveaway to the winner. How fun was that? You know Julie, we all have our own thoughts and opinions, but the decision has to come from your heart. Ideally, you could buy the house next door and use it as your warehouse but remember I said ideally. I will never regret not going brick and mortar with my antique shop, I loved it here at home and I sold stuff so fast that storage was not an issue. But I also have a 2400 square foot finished basement. good luck sweetie, you with the help of God and wise people will make the right decision. Hugs and rest, gotta turn that brain off.

  21. Crazy woman.. Save me a deal on that Rock n Romance..

  22. I'm gasping for air just reading about what is on your plate! I hope that you can find a quiet moment to help with your decision making!

  23. At first, I was going to say Brick & Mortar. Then I read Tammie's post. This would solve the selfish side of me wanting to be able to visit locally. I love her idea of opening it up occasionally to the locals for a fabric visit. You could open once a month (or twice) on a specific day. That would be cool! And, less stress for you. What ever you decide, your followers will be here to support you... :)


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