Les Amis is here and PJ Tutorial Found

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Thanks to my sweet friend Adrianne we have pictures of  Les Amis and some more of the shop.

Les Amis


I will be putting the new photos of the shop on the slideshow on the website.

I have Alchemy Voile in and I have been wanting to make myself something with it. I was so excited to see this tutorial this morning from Anna at Noodlehead ... I have made myself jammie pants before but this is so much easier. I can't wait to make some for me :)


6 comments on "Les Amis is here and PJ Tutorial Found"
  1. Love those fabrics!! The colors are fantastic!! Can't wait to see more pictures of the shop :)

  2. I NEED THESE FABRICS! NEEEEEEEEDDDDD!!! Going to go purchase now :D

  3. That is beautiful fabric! I love owls. I`ve seen noodlehead`s jammie tutorial. It`s pretty nice.

  4. Those fabrics are just spectacular!

  5. Another wonderful bundle on my list. I want so much!


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