Happy Monday

Monday, January 7, 2013
Hi Everyone,

It is Happy Monday with Happy Quilting and Echinops and Aster today.

Melissa at Happy Quilting is starting a fun new quilt along. For all of you that wondered what those fabulous fabric bundles were for the other day. It was this... I didn't count up all of the comments one way or the other but it seems Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs and Figs and Plums were the favorites with Fairy Dell a close third... They all got a lot of votes though so I am glad you liked them.

Melissa chose:

Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs :)

Here is a mock up that she made with this bundle:

Sweet right?

Head on over and join in there are some fun prizes!

My friend Jenelle at Echinops and Aster  got a fun little bundle of Little Kukla and Frippery from me to make some fun tutorials. She posted one on Friday with a giveaway (go over there for the giveaway)  for this:

And today she posted a Tutorial for this:

Aren't they sweet? I will list the bundle for these for sale today I tried to do it this morning but the website interface has a glitch and won't let me list anything right now... grumble.

Talk soon!
4 comments on "Happy Monday"
  1. Very pretty! Great bundle too!

  2. They are great........ Julie did you get my email and pics for my order, I havent heard from you..... I will need it for this sew along.. But now I need to add some blue to match the butterflies,in your first bundle I have that entire line, could u suggest a blue and green??


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