Happy Monday

Monday, June 3, 2013
Hi Everyone,

Here is my big news.... I sewed!

Yep, it's true. For the first time in a month. I did my Pillow Talk Swap Pillow. This is something I would have loved to have about 2 yrs ago.... but my partner had a Union Flag in every mosaic she has done and no one had made on for her... she also had aqua and red so.... Voila:

PTS10 Fini!
Not my best picture but ... it came out pretty cute if I do say so myself.
What did you get to sew this week?
19 comments on "Happy Monday"
  1. So pretty! I love the fabrics you used!

    Got that Bari j fabric
    And the photos online don't do it justice! Gorgeous! Thank you!

  2. Lucky partner! Glad you found time to sew :)

  3. That looks great!! nope no sewing, just a little traveling. Hope you are doing well. Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  4. Super cute! Glad you got some sewing time. I'm still working on my granddaughter's (overdue) graduation quilt.

  5. I love your pillow! I'm so glad that you allowed yourself some time to sew... no doubt extra stress relief and excellent therapy... you can only have so much wine and chocolate!

  6. Love it ... where did you get the pattern?

  7. That is so cute! I'm glad you got some sewing time in. :)
    Received my bundle of fabric (which really belongs to my daughter) and can't wait to get started on the cutting.

  8. Yay! Sweet pillow. I actually got to get caught up on some of my sewing too. Have a great week!

  9. That looks awesome, and it was thoughtful of you to search out past mosaics and receipts. She will be so excited!

  10. What a cute pillow! I was doing the same thing - finishing up my PTS10 pillow for my partner.
    Hope to see you soon!

  11. It's amazing!! I'm sure your partner is going to be absolutely thrilled with it. :D

  12. Soooo pretty. I did some mending and am determined to stitch up my new kitchen curtains this week!

  13. Love your pillow! Did you use a pattern for the Union Jacks? I have a British friend and I've wanted to make her something with {not difficult} Union Jacks, but the patterns I have are both huge. These look to be the perfect size.

    PS: Wouldn't mind at all if this lovely pillow was heading to my house!

  14. It is amazing! One of my favorite color combinations :) This week I am doing some hand sewing for my day on the Clover and Violet Season By Hand. I'm at the end of this month and still have a TON of work to do!

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  16. Thank you so much for a great pillow and much needed inspiration!


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