More potato chips!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Hi Everyone,

I got to sew because it was Open Sew night on Friday and Tula Pink Club on Saturday. I did all of my 10 blocks for June and started working on the July blocks. Packages shipped last week to those of you in the club. When I send out the packages I usually send along some charms which I actually cut from fabrics in my own personal stash just for fun... Sometimes I don't get to use the same fabrics that I ship out because I run out of them by the time I get a chance to cut some for myself. I try to make sure you guys get all of the good stuff :) Anyway... here is what I did with the fabrics this time.

My 26 so far :) #tula100

The two columns on the right are the first ten blocks, 1's, from May, the middle two columns are the 2's for June, and the last column plus 1 are the beginning of my July blocks, the 3's. I didn't send out solids this month but used solids from previous months to mix in with the fabrics. I decided to do my blocks monochrome so that I could use a colored background when I finally set them at the end. Go take a look at the Flickr group for more inspiration
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3 comments on "More potato chips!"
  1. Your blocks look fantastic! I can't wait to see your whole quilt finished!

  2. Yay for sewing! Your blocks look so pretty together. I love the idea of monochromatic blocks. It adds a sense of order to it.

  3. Love your blocks Julie. Wish I were closer: I'd come and sew with you! Hugs, H in Healdsburg


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