A Big Huge Congratulations To Our Maureen!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Hi Friends!

I am so excited for our dear friend Maureen. Can you imagine how her heart must be racing with all of her beautiful designs making it to fabric? Look at this luscious pile of goodness:

Photo by Maureen Cracknell

This is Maureen's fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics called "Wild & Free". If you all don't know Maureen you really need to get to know her. She is an amazing designer and illustrator. It still amazes me that she is a relatively new quilter. I put up a pre-order for her fabrics on the website. The fabric is due to arrive in November. I had a few people email to ask if I would do a pre-order so now it is official. For everyone that pre-orders there will be a special gift that Maureen and I have cooked up for you, some exclusive to The Intrepid Thread illustrated postcards. I might just frame the postcards... who wouldn't want a little bit of lovely art from this amazing lady?!?

3 comments on "A Big Huge Congratulations To Our Maureen!"
  1. This fabric is so her!! I can't wait to see what she makes:) She's amazing!

  2. That photo is indeed wonderful! In person, they must be amazing! I am always excited for "bloggy friends" when they make it "to fabric"...it is such a fun next step...and makes "them" that much more accessible to "me" :)


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