A Sale for Everyone and a Class for Locals

Saturday, September 20, 2014
Hi Everyone,

We are having a sale on all of our Christmas fabrics. 30% off! I know I am crazy. You better take advantage of my loco while you can :)

If you are local to Silicon Valley (that is in California :) ) you can come to class and make this adorable Santa Claus.

Pictures don't do him justice. Everyone that comes into the shop goes gaga over him. Class is November 8th. You can contact us through the website about signing up.

Also... if you are local and love Lizzy House keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement and save Saturday, November 1st for a special date with Lizzy :)
11 comments on "A Sale for Everyone and a Class for Locals"
  1. I love this Santa Claus!!! Wish I could take the course... unfortunately, I am from Canada and that's just too far!!! Sniff sniff 😭

  2. If she's teaching meadow, I might have to get an airline ticket for my birthday

  3. buhu - I would love to come, but I work saturdays...

  4. The Meadow? Definitely worth a drive ...

  5. If I were local I'd sign up for that class in an instant.

  6. Santa is adorable! Will you be making the pattern available, to those to far away, after the class?

  7. Lizzy House?? I'm so excited!!

  8. I love your Santa! Is there a way to get the pattern or a kit to make at home?

  9. I'd be interested in the pattern. Can you email me, when it's available?

  10. That Santa is WONDERFUL! I'm wishing I still lived in Silicon Valley so I could come for the class (it's even on my Birthday--wouldn't that be a fun way to spend part of the day?)

  11. I made a Santa very much like that one several years ago from a pattern I bought at a local quilt shop. Mine has a coat made from a luxurious red felt and he stands in my entry hall every Christmas . Your patchwork one is adorable and now I want to make another one!


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