Locals: Come one come all. And who cares Pantone?

Thursday, December 3, 2015
Hey Locals... Our in store version of Black Friday Sale is called Hometown Holiday Sale... that happens this Saturday the 5th. Everything in the shop Fabric, Books, Patterns, Tools, etc... is all 30% off. Please come and buy yourself a Christmas pressie :)

Secondly... did you see the Pantone announcement this morning? UGH! Baby Pink and Baby Blue aka Rose Quartz and Serenity.. Forget it :) I am way more excited about Robert Kaufman's Color of the Year... It is a surprise... no one knows what it looks like but I am hoping it is a good one because I bought 3 bolts sight unseen :)

I will be announcing the 3 block of the month plans for next year in the newsletter next week so if you want to find out what I picked make sure to sign up :)
7 comments on "Locals: Come one come all. And who cares Pantone?"
  1. I was so underwhelmed by Pantone's selection(s). Meh!

  2. with so many shades of these two colors available, it is hard to determine why these were the two picked!

  3. Hysterical -- I had no idea what you were talking about and had to google "pantone color selections" -- and now that I have, I absolutely agree! :)

  4. Flashback to the 80's. Pink and Blue were the HOT colors then. Every home decorated in the cutesy Pink & Blue floral calicos. As they say, history repeats itself. So does this mean that we are headed back to the dark Green & Tan of the 90's? :)

  5. lol. Let's just hope it is not a special edition kona cotton - half baby blue, half pink....

    I wish I could come tomorrow, but as always, I am working myself. Sigh.
    Have fun!

  6. Better than harvest gold and avocado green!

  7. Actually, the colors Pantone chose are a reflection od trends seen over the last 12-24 months. They (Pantone) are not making a proclamation, but revealing a trend - and there are lots of social influences. I listened to the live webinar announcement and it was fascinating. I invite you to my blog to learn more: cathyscrazybydesign.blogspot.com.


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