Intrepid Thread Challenge Link Up Party

Friday, January 15, 2016
Hey Everyone,

It is finally that time. Below you will find the link up for the challenge. It is open until the 31st then I will pick some winners :) If you do not have a blog you can put in a link to your instagram.

6 comments on "Intrepid Thread Challenge Link Up Party"
  1. This was so much fun! Looking forward to seeing what everyone made.

  2. Oh cool!!! I'll get a great photo this weekend!

  3. I am really glad I didn't get in on this. I am so intimidated by all of these amazing sewists! Just when I thought it couldn't get better I would click on a new one. You all did lovely jobs. Thank you, Julie, for hosting this. I didn't participate but I love seeing the end results.

  4. This was so much fun...thanks for challenging us...a great range to play the different designs made...well done ladies!!!

  5. Thanks, Julie, for all this fun! I love seeing what everyone made.

  6. Julie! The collection closed before the end of the day! I finished my project, but I can't add it now. Here's the link:


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