Moonlight Madness Sale

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Hey Everyone,

We just got 116 bolts of fabric from Cotton + Steel and we are about to get another 30 or so from Andover (Alison Glass Sun Prints Booya!) So again we are in need of some shelf space. So you know me I can't just have any old sale there always has to be a twist. I am calling this one Moonlight Madness.

Every night through Friday this week (1/29) we will have a special sale with prices marked down from 20-50% in our Moonlight Madness section. It will pop up as the first section when you click the shop tab on the website at 6PM Pacific Time. Each morning at 9AM Pacific it will go away and new items will show up again at 6PM. Locals this means it is during times we are not open but come by on Saturday for a special sale all your own. Here's the rules:

1. Be patient it could take us a while to ship as always when we have big sales. Also we may run out of items quickly so be sure to use an email address where we can reach you easily in case we need to contact you.
2. Please do not use other discounts with this sale
3. I am sorry but due to many problems with the last big sale and trying to hold orders to ship all together we will be shipping each order separately. Shipping prices went up today (A TON) but I will keep the shipping prices the same until the end of the week to give you a bit of a break.
6 comments on "Moonlight Madness Sale"
  1. I missed yesterday's moonlight madness sale, but today you had something I wanted - YEAH! I will be back tomorrow to look again!

  2. I'm so sad. I didn't read the sale carefully enough. I really wanted the Ardently Austin Silhouettes. I just got paid and went to pick it up. But I guess it wasn't ment to be...

    1. You are no reply so I can't email you. Please email me.

  3. I'm not seeing the sale on the shop page. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Sale didn't show up for me either on Friday night/sat morning.

  5. Oh shoot I meant to say through Friday morning. I will make it up to you though. I will put up another one on Sunday night. Since we had the in store sale today I didn't want to overwhelm my workers.


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