Productive Weekend and a Winner

Monday, May 9, 2016
Hey Everyone,

I hope your Mother's Day weekend was fun. I stayed pretty low key. I did the BOM sewing on Saturday. I worked on the Maker's Mini with these fabrics:

Then I built another house with Carolyn Friedlander...

All the while dinner was cooking (so I didn't have to stop sewing to cook)... Shredded Beef Black Bean Chili

mmm it was yummy too.

Then yesterday i binge watched Upstairs /Downstairs while knitting ;)

Let's see who won this cute little jar...

Number 56 is;

All my sewing/quilting items are currently in storage :( So, I'm crocheting an afghan :)

I will email you in a moment Dawn.

Thanks everyone!
1 comment on "Productive Weekend and a Winner"
  1. Oh my heck!! YAY!! I'm so excited!! Thank you!! <3


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