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Monday, May 30, 2016
Hey Everyone,

I have been so busy with the sales each week now that I am working alone (except on Fridays and note writing by my child) that I haven't had a chance to post much here. In between sales I ran frantically to Quilt Market and spent the entire time talking to my friends rather than looking at products :) It was kind of wonderful. I got to reconnect with people and really get to know some of them better. They are now less casual acquaintances and more real friends. One of whom is Sandi of CraftyPlanner fame, really if you don't know her you should. I stole err borrowed this photo from her because I got in too late to make it to Anna Maria Horner's Schoolhouse at Market:

Well, the minute I re-posted this picture everyone told me how much they loved this quilt. Low and behold the day before I went to Market I had become an affiliate with Creativebug which is where you can find the pattern and class for making the Folk Flower Block that this quilt is made from as well as many other classes by Anna Maria.... "Hmmm" says I "Why not make some bundles/kits up for making this quilt?"  So with a little help from a friend (more on that later) I got some of the background fabrics and went to work on some samples.

Here are the blocks I made this weekend.

I made 10 because they will frame some other blocks in a secret project I am working on. I hope to show you that by the end of the week. It was really fun and I was really motivated :)

The background fabrics will be in the shop on Monday the 6th and I will have kits available afterwards for both a lap size and the huge queenish size that is in the picture above. Also if you just want the fabrics I made the flowers from they are Mod Corsage which we have available in yardage and bundles here.

As I mentioned above I am an affiliate with Creativebug which means (full disclosure) that if you use one of the links on the blog to Creativebug and you sign up for a paid membership I get a few pennies from each of those sales. It won't pay my rent but I wanted to show that I truly believe in their product. They are also a local business to me. Here is a list of some of the things I love about them:

1. You can sign up for a free trial to test them out. 14 days for free and you have access to all of the classes and materials. You also get 1 class that you can download and keep forever (maybe it is the Folk Flower Class :) )

2. Their videos are high quality.

3. They have some amazing instructors including Anna Maria Horner (duh), Carolyn Friedlander, Heather Ross, Lizzy House, and Denyse Schmidt.

4. They don't just have quilting classes they have all kinds of art and crafts classes.

5. Last but not least... it is only $4.95 a month if you want to subscribe. With your subscription you can watch as many classes as you want and you get a credit each month for a class to download if there is one you want to keep forever.

In the next few months you will be seeing me share the things I am making from classes on Creativebug including knitting, drawing, and whatever else strikes my fancy LOL

Talk soon :) 

3 comments on "Sew Many Things..."
  1. Are you taking preorders for the kits?

  2. I am in love with Creativebug--my kids love watching the watercolour classes and learn a great deal--I of course love their quilting content! Will you be teaching a class?

  3. Love the flowers, and the great fabric.


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