Pixie Summer Home QAL... It is finally time!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
Hi Everyone,

I am so excited that the day is finally here that we get to start our quilt along. For a list of supplies and general rules check this post.

I will put up the directions here for the first block but first I wanted to remind you to go to Brooke's blog to put in your link so you can win a prize. If you have never done a link up before all you have to have is a link to a picture, a blog post, your IG account, anything that you can have a URL for really. You enter that link on the link up widget and everyone can see what you are working on. We encourage you to show us the fabrics you chose for the quilt along. We want to see what you are choosing, it is so much fun for us. Also, don't forget to tag on IG #pixiesummerhomeqal so we can see your progress. Don't forget to take a run over to Sally's blog, as well, to see her first blocks. We can't wait to encourage you on your way this Summer. Also any comment you leave on this post will qualify you for a prize from me... this time it will be a fat eighth of each of the fabrics I used for my blocks. I will announce the winner on the next QAL post in 2 weeks.

Directions for the Basic House on the Block: (Here is a PDF you can Download) Note: this is a correction from the original version of the PDF I had one of the cutting directions incorrect.


Background Fabric  2- 5” squares

Roof Fabric 1 – 5” by 9 ½” Rectangle
House Fabric 1 – 5” by 4 ½” Rectangle and 1 – 5” by 2 ½” rectangle
Door Fabric 1 – 5” by 3 ½” rectangle

**All seams are ¼ inch unless otherwise specified.

1. With a pencil mark the back of the two 5” squares of background fabric with a diagonal line.

2. Place one marked square on the left side of the roof fabric, right sides together, matching corners, and sew on the line as shown.

Trim the seam and press the corner out, I press toward the roof but if you prefer to press open that is fine. (Save your corner triangles if you like to make some cute little pinwheel blocks for the back of the quilt.)

Repeat step two with the other side of the roof.

3. Sew the door piece to the right side of the 5” by 4 ½” house piece, then sew the 5” by 2 ½” rectangle of house fabric to the right side of the door.

4. Sew the roof to the top of the house. I know it was so simple :)

  And here is another peek at my first blocks:

Hope you have fun making these they are so simple and really like potato chips... you can't make just one :) 

PS. I still have kits available for pre-order here

See ya soon :)

17 comments on "Pixie Summer Home QAL... It is finally time!"
  1. This is great - so many homes, so many ideas! Thanks

  2. this is so darn cute--just love it...hugs, Julierose

  3. I love this. I'm out of state for dr appointments and hoped to be home before you started. Maybe I can join in a week late!

  4. Love the house block. Maybe something I can finish....:)

  5. FYI the cutting direction on the PDF for the roof is incorrect.

    1. Sorry ladies, I had it right in the Diagram but wrong in the written directions. I thought I was being so careful not to make that 1/2" mistake... I fixed the PDF if you want to re-download.

    2. Thanks for noting the correction! I didn't notice it on the first go.

  6. Thanks for hosting this fun qal! This is a great block to piece and perfect for summer sewing because the kids are helping me with fabric selection.

  7. It always takes me longer to pick out my fabric but I'm on the wagon now and ready to start rolling. I'm pretty excited about doing this and maybe some on my grandkids will QAL too.

  8. Just got my layer cake and ready to start! Thanks for the QAL

  9. Have a quick question. Low on experience here. Could someone let me know the size of the block after assembled?

  10. If my math is right unfinished block is10x 9.5"

    Hgt. of roof is 5"+ Hgt. of house is 5. = 10"..... Unfinished
    Width of bottom of roof which goes all the way across the block is 9.5
    You will loose 1/4" top and bottom and off each side for seams plus in the block, you loose 1/4" for each piece joined within the block...bottom of roof to top of house = 1/2" total. Right side of house to right side of door = 1/2". Left side of house to left side of door= 1/2"=1" total loss in width.
    Finished block Hgt. 9.5", width 9.5"

    Simply everytime 2 seams meet, 1/2" is lost. 1/4" on each side of a seam. There will always be 1/4" lost on each side of a block where it is joined to the next block. Someone else please check my math! I hope that helps and has not confused you.

  11. I answered her through email when she commented but you are correct 9.5" square.

  12. Alright! I did do mine right......Phew!

  13. Love this qal-I've been wanting to make house blocks for my Road 15 fabric layer cake that I've had for awhile so now I am!! What a cute quilt it will be at the end!!!


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