Happy Christmas Eve - Quilter's Planner Stickers in Use :)

Sunday, December 24, 2017
Good Morning,

Happy Christmas Eve! May the Peace that passes all understanding be yours this year and always.

Peggy, you left a comment yesterday but no email. Can you please email me so I can send you the stickers? :)

I just wanted to show you how I decorated a few of the pages in my Quilter's Planner (affiliate link) for January.

On the Sampler page the top three stickers and the first two down the left side fit the boxes on the monthly layout page.

 Joy is my "Word of the Year" so you will see it a lot from me this year. I have decided to Take Back the Joy in 2018! But you can write whatever you want on the stickers :)

The last two rectangle boxes on the left fit the list box on the top of each daily layout. The dots and water drops are for the tracker. The larger of the two largest rectangles covers the box that is on the outside bottom of the page on either side of the planner.

The Weekend sticker covers the list boxes for the two weekend days. The smaller of the two large rectangles covers the box that is on the inside bottom of the page (there is less room due to the spiral).

Here are some more of the daily layouts decorated with the other sticker sheets.
 The 11th is my daughter's birthday and this little girl looks a lot like her.

And I think this might be one of my favorites:
Who doesn't love a hot drink :)

I hope you have a lovely Christmas Eve!

3 comments on "Happy Christmas Eve - Quilter's Planner Stickers in Use :) "
  1. Hi Julie its Peggy. I'm at pkm101604@gmail and i look gorward to my planner!

  2. I love these stickers! Are they downloadable? I have my planner and I’m looking forward to using it in fun ways!

    1. Hey Robin, There is a free sheet available one post back and I have the other three sheets as PDF downloadables on my website here: http://intrepidthread.rainadmin.com/shop/Reserved-Listings/p/Quilters-Planner-Stickers-x31661215.htm


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