Manicure Mitts Free Project

Monday, March 26, 2018
 Hey Everyone,

Welcome to the Cricut Self Care Blog Tour!
I made these cute mitts for you. I used to be a manicurist. It is true. In a past life LOL In our shop we had a heated oil bath that you dipped your hands in then we had special soft mitts that you could put on and let the oil soak in without it getting on everything. That is where I got the idea. To be honest I have been wanting to make these for myself for a long time so this was the perfect excuse to give myself a little self care.

If you missed it, there is a list of everyone else on the tour on my last post.

Be sure to see the giveaway at the end of this post.

These mitts are so fast and easy they would make a great present for a girlfriend. Add some polish and maybe make a little zip pouch to keep them in.

Manicure Mitts Free Pattern


¼ yd External Fabric (I suggest quilting weight cotton)
¼ yd Lining Fabric (I suggest soft jersey knit, fleece, or minky)
Proper Machine Needles (ballpoint if you are using knit)
(This is an affiliate link) Cricut Maker Cutting Machine

You can find the file for these mitts on Cricut Design Space at this link (I drew them myself using the design shapes so that you could easily download and cut the pattern):

I have also added a template pattern to the download.


If you are cutting with the Maker cut the pattern once with the exterior fabric and once with the interior fabric. From each of the fabrics cut two mitts with template right side up and two with template right side down. You should have 8 pieces when you are finished cutting. 

Instructions: Seam Allowance is ¼ inch unless otherwise stated. Here is a video with instructions as well.

1.       Place each external piece right sides together with a matching lining piece. With the external piece on the bottom sew the wrist edge only. Leave a 2” opening in the center of each of the pieces that have the thumbs facing to the right for turning.

2.       Open up and lay the pieces flat. Press toward the external pieces. Place the pieces right sides together matching the lining pieces and the external pieces with their counterparts. Sew all the way around starting at the seam of the external pieces and sewing around to the seam on the opposite side of the wrist. If you are using a knit for the lining switch to a ball point needle and sew the lining. It will look like the photo at the right.
3.       Clip into the thumb notch all the way to but not through the stitching.

4.       Clip all of the curves.

5.       Turn out through the opening at the wrist.

6.       Press. Press seam allowance under at the opening. Top stitch close to the edge of the wrist catching in and closing the opening.

Slather your hands up with a moisturizer (Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are my favorites) and put on your new gloves to keep the oil from getting on things while it penetrates into your skin. These are a super simple fast project for a gift. You could grab some pretty polish, cuticle oil, and a cute nail file and wrap them up for a quick birthday present.

Now for the fun Giveaway:
 I am giving away a free download of the pattern for the Gabriela pajamas above. Can I just tell you how excited I was to see that they have my size? Also the pattern has all kinds of help for fitting. Honestly you are going to be amazed at the amount of information in this pattern. You can make it as shorts, below knee, ankle, or footie. You can customize the sleeve length. The sizes are 00-36 ... I think everyone in the family needs these. Look here to see it in sizes similar to yours. On real women.

To enter to win the pattern. Do one or all three of the following and leave a separate comment for each thing that you do.

1. Follow me or let me know that you already do.
2. Subscribe to my YouTube
3. Repost on your social media of choice.

I will draw a winner on Monday, April 2nd.

Hope you love it!
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  1. Hope you feel better soon Julie! I follow you on Bloglovin but I am going to go right now and subscribe to your youtube. Get lots of rest - everything else can wait.

  2. Thanks for the chance to win the pajama pattern. It is nice to have more inclusive sizing, right? I am following you through my Bloglovin' account.

  3. Thanks for the chance to win the pajama pattern. I am glad to see the inclusive sizing! I am following you through my Bloglovin' feed, and on Instagram.

  4. I hoe you feel better! The PJ’s look warm and snuggly. Would love to make them.

  5. I follow your blog via my Blogger reading list. Thanks for the chance to win. I recently inherited a bunch of PJ fabrics that would be perfect for this pattern! Woohoo.

  6. I posted about it on my blog today. LOVE THE REAL SIZES!!!

  7. I subscribed to your YouTube. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. I already follow you....and please, get well!

  9. I can't find your youtube...🤤

  10. Following you on Twitter as @quartercrafter

  11. Following you on Twitter and Pinterest!


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