The Beginnings Quilt Along Block 3 - Friendship Star

Thursday, March 8, 2018
Hi Everyone!

Are you ready for our next installment? I did the nine patch and the pinwheel first because they are the building blocks for so many of the awesome quilt blocks that we make all of the time. This is a mix of the two it is the Friendship Star.

If you have been using the Cricut Maker to cut your blocks you should have all of the pieces cut already. Here is the video I made to support this block. It is nice and short since these are techniques that we have covered in the last two blocks but it will help if you have questions.

The Beginnings QAL (printable PDF)

Friendship Star for Beginnings Quilt Along

Block 3 the Friendship Star (6” Finished)

For Two Blocks (you need two blocks)

4 – 3” squares of Focus Fabric
2 – 2 ½” squares of Focus Fabric
4 – 3” squares of background fabric
8– 2 ½”  squares of background fabric

  1.  Mark the back of each of your 3” background squares with a diagonal line from corner to corner. Just as we did with the Pinwheel.

2. Place one focus fabric square right side together with one background square matching all the edges. 
3. Pin on either side of the diagonal line far enough away to allow the presser foot to pass down either side of the line. This is just to keep the fabrics from shifting
4. Using your ¼” foot sew ¼” away from the diagonal line on the left. If you have a foot with an edge for the ¼” you might want to adjust your presser foot pressure so that it is lighter. This will keep your foot from making your fabric shift.
5. Go ahead and chain piece the second set of squares by repeating step 3 and 4
6. Turn the blocks around and sew a ¼” seam on the opposite side of each of the diagonal lines.
7.    Cut apart each square at the diagonal line. And press to the dark side 
8. Square up each block to 2 ½”.
9. Lay out the blocks so that they look like the picture below. Stack the points for the two blocks so that both blocks will face the same way and be oriented correctly.

   10. Finish laying out the blocks like the picture to the below.  

   11.Sew your rows together just like you did with the nine patch block. (pattern on the blog) Press the top and bottom row so the seams go toward the outside and the center goes toward the center. 

   12. Nestle your seams and pin on each side of the seam. Just as we have been doing. Also pin at the end of the seam so the pieces don’t shift.

13. Start your seam. When you get to about an inch from the center of the block where your points are going to match up slow down. You want your seam to go right where those three seams make a point where you had your center pin. Be very slow and careful there. I used grey thread so you can see better. 
14.  Open and have a look… if the points aren’t perfect and they are too wide, meaning they cut off the point, pick out the seam and try again. If the points are there but there is too much space then just sew your seam a little wider. You only need to pick out a few stitches right in the middle to fix it.
     15.      Press well. The block should be 6 ½” unfinished.

 I hope you enjoy this block... I will have a new block for you week after next.


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  1. I have the friend ship star blocks made and all the other blocks done too. I am enjoying this sew along. What time of the month do you post a new block? I am using a blogging friends button .Thanks for the interesting designs.


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