Beginnings Quilt Along Block 13

Saturday, October 13, 2018
Hi Everyone,

Here is another super simple block. I am having surgery on Monday and I am not sure how on top of things I will be afterwards so I wanted to make certain to get one more block ready for you before hand.

I have been trying to finish the video but unfortunately 3 of the files got corrupted so I am trying to get it pieced together. But again I don't think you need it this is a simple block with just a couple things I wanted to teach you about bias edges. So even without the video I am certain you can handle this.

If you are using the Cricut Maker here is the file for cutting.

The Beginnings QAL Block 13 (printable PDF)

Block 13 Windmill (8” Finished)
For One Block (that is what you need for the quilt)

2 –  5” Squares of Background Fabric
1 –  5 ¼”  Square each of two Focus Fabrics

** all seams are ¼”


1. Cut the background squares in half once diagonally. Cut the Focus fabric squares in half twice diagonally. (Note: You may look at this picture and wonder why, since these are all right triangles, you need to cut some as half squares and some as quarter squares. The reason that we cut the squares this way is so that the straight of grain ends up on the outside of your quilt block. If you cut the smaller triangles as half squares the bias edges would be on the outside of your block and it would get stretched and distorted out of shape in your quilt. If you have ever seen a wavy quilt that has had blocks or borders stretched you will know what I am talking about.)

2. Stack up your focus fabric triangles so that there are four of the same triangles in each stack and place them with the right angle sides matching. Whichever print you place on the right side will be the one that is in the center of your pinwheel. (as you see I have it opposite of the illustration but that is okay ?? ) Sew the focus fabric triangles together on the right angle side as you have them laid out. Be careful not to stretch the triangles as you sew, use a light hand. Press (it doesn’t matter which direction this time)

3. Match the background triangles to the larger triangle units formed by the focus fabric triangles and sew. Press toward the focus fabric.

4. Square your blocks up to 4 ½” square.

5. Lay out the small blocks so that they form a pinwheel see the picture for step 3.

6. Match up your seams so that they nestle and sew the two rows together. Press the top row to the right and the bottom row to the left.

7. Put a pin through the back at the point at the center on one row then through point in the center on the other row and with the pin standing straight nestle the seams. Put a pin in either side of the center pin then remove the center pin. Sew ¼” seam being careful to sew over the point at the center seams. And you are done!

Hope you enjoy this sweet block!


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