Beginnings Quilt Along Block 15

Friday, October 26, 2018
Hi Everyone,

How about this... the last block already! So you have two to work on this weekend.

If you are using the Maker to cut your blocks here is the file.

The Beginnings QAL (Printable PDF)

Block 15 House (8” Finished)

For One Block (that is what you need for the quilt)


2 –  2 ½”” Squares of Background Fabric
4 –  2 ½”  by 2” Rectangles of Background Fabric
1 –  2 ½”  by 8 ½” Rectangle of Roof Fabric
1- 2 ½” by 3 Rectangle of Door Fabric
1 – 8 ½: by 2” Rectangle of House Fabric (A)
1- 2 ½” Square of House Fabric (B)
2- 2” by 1 ½” Rectangles of House Fabric (C)
2- 1 ½” by 3 ½” Rectangles of House Fabric (D)
4- 2” by 1” Rectangles of House Fabric (E)
2- 3 ½” by 1” Rectangles of House Fabric (F)
** all seams are ¼”


1. Mark the back of the 2 1/2” squares of background fabric with a diagonal line.

2. Sew Directly on the line and trim the corners. Press toward the roof.

3. Lay out The cut pieces so that it is easier to see how the block goes together. Here is a Diagram with the Pieces labeled to make it easier for you.

4. Sew the C and window pieces together. Then sew them to the D pieces.

5. Sew the D pieces to the window pieces. Then to the F pieces.

6. Sew the resulting sections from Step 4 and 5 together. Then sew the door and piece B together.

7. Sew the three sections together to make the lower part of the house.

8. Sew Piece A to the Roof (be sure to find the center of each of the pieces and pin at the center and each end before you sew). Then sew the Roof Section to the lower section and you are done.

Nest week I will have the final putting the top together post. We are almost done!

Have an amazing weekend!!


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