First Quilt Hope In Quilt

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hi Everyone,

A few months back... okay 6 months back LOL... I bought some charm packs to use for hexagons. I wanted to have something to do on the plane on the way to and from Rome. Here they are:

So yesterday as I was cleaning up and re-organizing my sewing room (aka the living room) I came across the left over charm squares. They were mostly boy colors so I decided to make a disappearing nine patch with them. Low and behold I had just the right amount to make four D9P blocks. I added a teal border and voila a baby boy quilt for Quilt Hope In.

I just adore these little owls.

My goal for today is to get my chores done early and get this little guy quilted.

Come back tomorrow for the Sherbet Pips giveaway.

Talk soon!
7 comments on "First Quilt Hope In Quilt"
  1. So cute! I love the hexagons and the fact that you just whipped up a disappearing nine patch. Just whipped it up. I can't get anything done! :-)

  2. I love this quilt pattern - very cute!

  3. this is so cute Julie! A wonderful baby quilt. Can't wait to list it. :)

  4. So cute. Those hexies look like fun!

  5. I gotta do some hexies. I have loved them for years, but haven't taken the plunge. Those are great. And your D9P is awesome! Well done!

  6. GOOD DAY!


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