Supply List for the 3C quilt...

Friday, January 28, 2011
Hi Everyone,

First please notice that we won't start sewing until Monday 2/7 now. I forgot that something special is happening next Friday that you won't want to miss :) Second, though I did fabric estimates for the 3C quilt, I did not add a lot of extra in. So add fudge room if you are like me and make cutting mistakes sometimes. The ones that say 1/4 yd or an F8, if you get the 1/4 yd you will have fudge room. The larger amounts you might want to add an extra 1/8th to if you worry about having enough. One other thing, the scale of the fabrics in my rendering are not accurate (they are the best I could do with the pictures I could get) so it will look slightly different to the picture (mostly the florals are a little larger etc). The list is of the fabrics exactly as they are shown in the drawing but I will be using scraps so I might be substituting here and there,. I will let you know if I do. You do not have to use these fabrics, of course, use what you like or what you have in your stash if you want.

Quilt is approximately 52" x 54"

Supply List:

All Fabrics "Sweet Divinity" by The Quilted Fish for Riley Blake

C6105 Cream Sweet Daisy (cream background)

1 ¾ yd

C6100- Blue Sweet Main Floral (large blue floral)
1 yd if piecing border
1 ½ yd if not piecing border

C6101 Blue Sweet Dot (blue small dot)
¼ if piecing border
¾ yd if piecing border includes binding
1 1/8 if not piecing border includes binding

C6101 Cream Sweet Flower (green background medium floral)
¼ yd or F8

C6106 Pink Sweet Dot (pink small dot)
¼ yd or F8

C6010 Blue Sweet Flower (blue background medium floral)
¼ yd or FQ

C6100 Pink Sweet Main Floral (large pink floral)
¼ yd or F8

C6103 Pink Sweet Vine (pink floral lattice)
¼ or F8

C6102 Pink Sweet Trinkets (pink small motif print)
¼ yd or F8

C6102 Blue Sweet Trinkets (blue small motif print)
1/4 yd or F8

C6105 Pink Sweet Daisy (tone on tone pink floral)
5/8 yd

C6105 Blue Sweet Daisy (tone on tone blue floral)
¼ yd or FQ

C6104 Pink Sweet Stripe (small multi color stripe)
8” x 8” piece

C6104 Blue Sweet Stripe (small multi color stripe)
8” x 8” piece

C6104 Cream Sweet Stripe (small multi color stripe)
8” x 8” piece

Approximately 2 1/2 yds

Very Light Weight Fusible Interfacing (if you want to do easy turned appliqué)
20 x 20 piece
Fusible Web
20 x 20 piece (if you want to do raw edge appliqué)

Buttons different sizes and shapes
approximately 40

Other embellishments of your choice (optional)

Thread to match

Fabrics are available:



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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! That is SO cute! I love it! I will post it on my blog today or tomorrow. Thanks for letting me know.


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