Declaring "I am awesome and so are you!" day and another winner WOOT!

Sunday, January 8, 2012
Hi Everyone,

As busy mom's (yes, I know there are men reading too but you don't suffer from this as much as women so you have to bear with me here), wives, business women, workers, girl Fridays...what have you, we can sometimes get down on ourselves. We always have guilt that we don't spend enough time with our children, that we messed them up so bad that they will never turn into productive adults, that we can't concentrate at work because yada yada at home it going on... I am declaring it is "You are awesome" day!

This is the day when you give yourselves a break! Your kids aren't going to graduate high school in diapers! They will some how manage to live with their dysfunctional childhood just like we all did. Not only that you have done an awesome job just by getting them to school today with their PB&J sandwich. You get to take a break because you have done everything right this morning (no really, you did). Today everything you have done or will do is just what was supposed to happen and it will all turn out perfectly! Every time you have a thought that something went wrong turn it around and say "That was perfect!"

Not only that... you are not fat today. You don't need to lose weight you are perfect just the way you are! You aren't too skinny either, perfect remember? Don't beat yourself up over that extra piece of chocolate today because it is helping you to maintain your perfection :)

If any of your friends says I need to lose weight tell them how perfect they are. Even better write a tiny little note to at least two friends today to tell them how perfect they are. How much you love them and wouldn't change a thing about them. Be sincere, they will appreciate it :)

Go forth and be awesome... and pass it on!

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Mimi said...
I love Kate Spain's fabric!! Thanks for the chance!

40 comments on "Declaring "I am awesome and so are you!" day and another winner WOOT!"
  1. You are awesome Julie!!! And thanks for the reminder that the rest of are too :)

  2. WOOT! WOOT! HOT STUFF! Shake it 'til you break it, mama!!

  3. Thanks for the pat on the back. It was just what I needed after the gone all wrong day I had yesterday.

  4. LOL Thanks for an uplifting post...and you are awesome, too, my friend! Happy hugs to you from SC!

  5. You are awesome - and congratulations to MIMI - who is awesome too!!! Great idea.

  6. Thank you! I needed that (after dropping of my toddler and hearing him cry as I leave)!! You are truly awesome! :)

  7. You are so perfect...and I so needed this today! Thank you for being you!!! :)

  8. Perfect! I really love that you did this post, Julie! Also, I saw you are in Stash Bee with me... YAY!!!!

  9. seriously? am i on candid camera? you just replayed my day!! thank you for the affirmation. you are awesome!

  10. Thanks for the pep talk!! I really feel awesome and I will send a note to a few people to let them know that they are perfect... such a great idea!!
    I am also on cloud nine with winning this fabulous giveaway... I am feeling super special today!! Thanks!

  11. Great post! Thanks, I know I needed it! :) And you are awesome too. Congrats to the winner.

  12. What a great post! Thank you!! Congrats too, to the winner!

  13. GREAT post today. Of course, I'm awesome. I am friends with you, aren't I? That makes us all pretty awesome!

  14. You are awesome and so am I. Yay!
    Congrats to the winner.

  15. By gosh, we ARE all awesome! Thanks for reminding us!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

  16. Lol, that made me laugh. When my kids complain about how I raised them, I remind them of how bad I had it, lol;)


  17. sigh... you do rock! thanks my friend.

  18. Thanks Julie. Sometimes we really need to hear that because let's face it, usually you only hear complaints when something isn't right at home. You don't usually get too much praise. At least I don't. Sometimes it's nice to know we're OK.

  19. Aww, what a fab idea! Seems like the prefect day to do my PIF posts then :o)

  20. Thanks Julie, I needed to hear this today, now I'm going to take your advice and send a note to my friends and tell them how beautiful and perfect they are. Have a great day!

  21. Thanks Julie! We have recently coined a saying at my house: "It is a Good Day to be Leslie!!" I hope today is also a Good Day to be Julie!

  22. You ARE awesome Julie! And I may have yelled it much louder had my name been the winner of that awesome fabric but you're still awesome either way. HA

    besides you said I'm not fat today so you moved right to the top of my 'like' list for the day. HA

    have a great day

  23. Thanks for the post,you`re AWESOME!

    Congrats Mimi!

  24. Thanks for the lovely, feelgood post. Made my day! Hugs, Sandy. :)

  25. Awesome yes! Great, wonderful, fabulous, amazing - we're all those things! But not perfect, I'm afraid! NO ONE is perfect! I was taught that only God is perfect!

  26. I *am* awesome! Thanks for the reminder, even though my coffee boiled over in the microwave and I poured boiling water on my hand making oatmeal this morning. The rest of the day has to get better thanks to my awesomeness! :-D

  27. A lovely post from a lovely person!

  28. :) Thanks, it's nice to have some encouraging words from time to time. We all need to be easier on ourselves. Have a groovy day!

  29. Loved your post! Congratulations Mimi.

  30. You are awesome Julie! You are right... we all need to be reminded once in a while. Thanks!

  31. oh, i soooo needed that at this moment- thank you so much, and my friend, YOU are awesome :)

  32. You are AWESOME! Great post. Just what I needed to hear today.

  33. Oh, how much fun! I didn't see this until bed time, so can tomorrow be my Awesome day? I could really use one! =)


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