New Swoonables and A Friends Blogiversary

Thursday, January 26, 2012
Hi Everyone!

I am busy getting ready of the clearance sale. Will be marking lots of stuff down today and tomorrow so don't forget to go take a look in the sale section the next week or so. This is good stuff some of it is only been here a month or less... I have 15 new collections coming and I need to make room!

As promised here are the two new Swoon blocks from Saturday's sew day:

My friend Annabella is having a giveaway for her blogiversary go give her some love and you could win some of this:

Have an awesome day and I will see you tomorrow for Friday Fun Day!
21 comments on "New Swoonables and A Friends Blogiversary"
  1. Oooh, love the fabrics you're using for your Swoon! :)

  2. Beautiful blocks Julie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them!!!!!

  3. Gorgeous swoon blocks Julie, and love the orange one especially. Thanks for the shout out!

  4. Your swoon blocks are awesome. I love the color choices.

  5. Spectacular.Love your color choice!

  6. Annabella's brilliant. So are your swoon blocks.

  7. Big day for me!!! I pick up my first ever quilt from the quilter! I can't wait! I love your swoon blocks, wonder if I can make one? Might have to try!

  8. Gorgeous swoon blocks! I'm hoping to get started before everyone finishes, lol.

  9. Swooning over the grey and orange block!

  10. Love your swooning, shall keep an eye out for the sale :o)

  11. Those swoons are just gorgeous. Your fabric selection is fabulous.

  12. Sooooo pretty! Love your swoon blocks.

  13. Awesome blocks, Julie! And thanks for my goodies today!

  14. Oh my, they are just getting better and better!!! Gorgeous!!

  15. I just made my first Swoon block... now I like yours much better... fun colors!

  16. Love these new colors, orange is my new fave!


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