No Waste Flying Geese... Since you asked

Thursday, January 19, 2012
Hi Everyone!

You all are asking for the directions for no waste flying geese. I think I might have over estimated the amount of fabric I will save but it is still pretty significant probably somewhere between 1/2 yard and 1 yard. You should do your own calculations before you buy your fabric if you don't want to under buy...

The method that Melissa used in her Flying in Squares quilt here is what I was talking about. It is step two. But there she doesn't give you the calculations to make these for other quilts. So this is what you do... the fabric that is going to become your goose (the center triangle) needs to be a square that is 1 1/4" bigger than your finished block's width. In Swoon the geese are 6.5 x 3.5 unfinished so you need the square to be 7 1/4 (because the geese are 6" finished) then the small triangle fabric (the side triangles) needs to be 7/8 bigger than the finished height of the goose, in this case 3 7/8. You need one big goose fabric square and 4 small side fabric squares. When you put them together you get 4 geese out of these pieces. So:

1- 7 1/4 sq + 4- 3 7/8 sqs
is equal to
4- 6.5 x 3.5 rectangles + 8- 3.5 sqs

If you drew this out you would see that you are basically saving a little less than half of the fabric making them this way.

I am so excited Good Fortune will be here tomorrow or Monday and A Walk In The Woods charm packs are on their way too :)

Sorry no pretty pictures today I am buried in orders and have to run... hugs to you all!
16 comments on "No Waste Flying Geese... Since you asked"
  1. Yay for good fortune!!! Those fans and dragonflies have been beckoning

  2. I am so glad you posted this - I was wondering but was afraid to ask! Thanks Julie!

  3. Thanks Julie. Now I need to remember to use this method when I get home and start my Swoon,

  4. Good golly, Julie - I don't know how you quilters do it. All those numbers make my brain hurt!!! ;)

  5. Wonderful! thank you very much... I am starting my Swoon Blocks this weekend and this will save me!

  6. Thank you.Now I have to try it.

  7. Thanks so much for posting this! Love no waste flying geese but have been to lazy to figure out the dimensions for other sizes.

  8. Can't wait for more good fortune. I used up my charm square pack I bought!

  9. Thanks so much; really appreciate the work you went through to calculate it and sharing it with us!

  10. Maths at bedtime - I'll check back when I attempt them!

  11. Thank you, Julie! If I had known about all this algebra and geometry used in sewing I would have passed those classes with flying colors. Alas, I never had a teacher that told me those lessons could be used in real life. I LOVE when someone else does the math for me!! I can't wait to give this a try when I get to my Swoon blocks.

  12. I make my F.G. this way but didn't realise I saved so much fabric! Not that it's going to stop me getting an extra half metre for Justin ('just in case I need it'). P.S. Love your Swoon block!

  13. Thank you....This helped me so much!


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