Friday Fun Day... The Giveaway

Friday, April 20, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Yippeeeeee! It feels like summer! It will be in the high 80's here today. So go out and get some sunshine if you can!

My super friend Sally is hosting the Giveaway today. In honor of her sweet daughter Cora's Senior Prom and Graduation :)

Teal in order to match Cora's Prom dress :) So go over to Sally's Blog and enter to win some :)

I just got notice that Summersville will be here on Wednesday Woot Woot! And Cocoon will be here today.

17 comments on "Friday Fun Day... The Giveaway"
  1. Love those teals, especially with a little brown (like the shelf yours are sitting on! :)

  2. Summersville I noticed yesterday was hard to find on the web..good to hear you will have it!

  3. Lovely fabric! and your daughter's dress is beautiful!

  4. Oh, it totally feels like summer here too, cold and rainy :oD

    Love Summersville!

  5. Beautiful fabric. I also love the prom dress that your friend made.

    Cold and rainy in Illinois today.

  6. Lovely bundle, I like how it goes from light to dark.

  7. I am so excited for Summersville!

  8. So cool. Didn't Sal do an amazing job on that dress????!!!!


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