Happy Monday...

Monday, April 16, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Wow! There is so much going on in blog land. I wish I had more time to read everything. I only get to take a browse through every morning though. If you are signed up for the newsletter you got it last night. Can I just say it was almost a day late with the big weekend sale and everything I was so tired... But yay it is done. I hope you all enjoy those sweet projects! If you missed it, or missed signing up, let me know I will forward it to you.

In the Newsletter I said that Butterflies are the new Birds and what I meant was... there are so many fabric lines coming out with butterflies on them this year. We already had Hello Pilgrim and this Friday Cocoon will be here:

Then in Serenade in May:

What do you think? I am okay with that!

I got to sew this weekend but it was for a super secret project that is yet to be revealed. Soon though very soon. It was urgent that I get it done, though, so that took up my Saturday.

Go out and make it a wonderful week!

Talk soon!
12 comments on "Happy Monday..."
  1. I too am loving the butterflies. I can't wait to get my hands on some Serenade!!!!!

  2. I love the butterflies!!! I have Serenade on my wish/must have list =D

  3. The large butterflies in Cocoon are quite beautiful. I will have to save my money for that one.

  4. Glad you go to sew this weekend! I love the look of Serenade but then I LOVE butterflies!

  5. Hey girl, my new found friend!! I would love to get a copy of that newsletter!! I just signed up to get them from now on!!
    da1nonly (dot) guido (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Butterflies are fine by me. Anything but owls.

  7. Obviously I love Hello Pilgrim. I also saw Birds and Berries and will need to get some of that!

  8. I love butterflies and also Hello Pilgrim.

  9. I like the Serenade butterflies. :)

  10. Cocoon looks wonderful with those 'coloured' butterflies=)

    Am sooo looking forward to meeting you! If I make it thru the gates.

  11. Butterflies are my favorite so I am stoked for this! I want to see more serenade! Are you getting the whole line??


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