Happy Monday!

Monday, April 30, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Phew! I finally got caught up with my orders on Saturday. What a load off! It was a crazy week last week.

Once I was done working I spent a couple hours making my Stash Bee Blocks. I feel bad because I am always a couple days late with my blocks... at least they will be shipped before the end of the month... Then I got to sit down with my jewelry making stuff and make something completely whimsical. I am not a big blingy jewelry kind of girl normally but I am having fun trying out some new things with resin and rhinestones and wrapping fibers to make a focal bead...

I am also working on my photography skills. What do you think? I am so inspired by Kristen Robinson and her Victorianesque jewelry. I was lucky enough to take a class with her in December and I love her style. She will be in town this weekend and I am hoping to spend a little while soaking up her creativity again. See the focal bead on the right side? it is made by wrapping hand dyed silk habotai with wire and cultured pearls, Swarovski crystals and beads. That was the technique I really wanted to try out. The medallion is a plain bezel that I had filled with the butterfly and art work a while back then glazed with Ice Resin... it was sitting around and matched the fiber bead so I thought I would incorporate it. I cut the loops (for hanging) off of it and applied it to the antiqued brass cabochon setting then added the rhinestones. It is pretty big but kind of fun :)

Here are my Stash Bee blocks... who knew I had yellow and black fabric in my stash? I didn't! A lucky rummage uncovered them :)

Quilt Blocks the fabric will be here today... and the kid has an ortho appt... I better get a move on :)

Have a great Monday!
10 comments on "Happy Monday!"
  1. Nice necklace! Glad you got some 'you' time x

  2. I've read that book, too, and the five volumes to follow ;-)

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  4. Your bee blocks look great! I didn't make mine until yesterday. I'm pretty sure May is my month and I won't be mad if your block is late:)

  5. LOVIN' your jewellry... man, you have talent coming out your finger nails!!

  6. Love that book! Want to go there :) Your photograph and brooch are lovely!

  7. Love that pendant you made. How very cool! Your bee blocks are great, too!

  8. Julie!!!! Your necklace is gorgeous! Is there anything you can't do???

  9. I think your blocks turned out nice. I ended up having quite a bit of yellow and black fabric too!


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