Campgrounds and Showers

Sunday, June 10, 2012
Hey Everyone,

One of the new manufacturers I picked up while at Market was Dear Stella... I love their fun whimsical collections. It's a Shore Thing will be here on Tuesday. Tomorrow some basics and a couple of single prints are coming.

 I don't know why but I just fell in love with these two prints. They don't have a supporting collection they are just by themselves but I will make bundles of matching fabrics to go with them.



For Your Shower (when I heard the name I thought it was bridal or baby shower but no....)

Aren't they awesome? Love! Here are the basics I bought... Stella Dot



 White and Blue
 White and Orange

See Ya Tomorrow :)
10 comments on "Campgrounds and Showers"
  1. cute cute and cute!!!!!! I love them all...especially the dots =D

  2. Ha, love the camping and showers, both of which could be combined here right now!

  3. I like a lot of Dear Stella fabrics, and I really like the camping/shower prints you posted. Nice!

  4. Oh my gosh! Those are too cute! The shower one would be perfect for a travel make up bag! Love it!

  5. You have the best taste! I love campground - my neighbor has been inviting us to her campground for YEARS and we're finally going next month - I can make her a little gift out of this fabric! Any suggestions?

  6. Funny - when I read the blog post title I thought of those less than pleasant showers one gets to experience while camping! LOL!

  7. Love the camping print. It's so cute!

  8. Love that camp ground fabric!


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