Friday Fun Day (for real) and the Giveaway

Friday, June 15, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I got up at 4:30 this morning... what am I nuts? No, just an insomniac :) I am so excited about the newsletter today. These are some amazing tutorials and I am so proud to be able to offer them to you.

This is what we are giving away today:

Fat Quarters of the Warm Sunset colorway of LillyBelle:

Oh the lovliness of it all... the giveaway is being hosted by Maureen so head on over and see if you can get yourself some.

I have a couple words about the Newsletter. It has been brought to mine and Sarah's attention that there is a bag pattern by Clover and Violet called the Charlotte Bag and it is eerily similar (but not the same) as the bag that Sarah designed with the same name.

I do 100% believe in spontaneous similar design. I have had it happen to me and I have seen it happen literally 100's of times. We have proof that this is not a copy of their design here is the blog post where Sarah shows the bag she created in December of 2010. She just wrote the pattern for it but I actually had the pattern in my email before Clover and Violet posted their pattern for sale. We are not accusing them of copying and we don't want them to accuse us. We also don't want a million emails from everyone asking about it so we thought we would clear this up before it became an issue... nuff said!

The other item I wanted to mention is.... I had someone unsubscribe from my newsletter and the reason that they gave for unsubbing (and not in very cordial terms) was that I ask you not to make items to sell from the tutorials that we provide in the Newsletter. I think this is fair. You are getting the patterns for free for your own use and you can make as many as you want as long as you don't sell them without permission. So to clear up any misunderstanding. You may contact the contributors and ask permission to use them for sale items but I can not give you that permission since the items are not my own intellectual property. There is always a contact point given for the contributors. I hope you all will find this a fair policy as well :)

Sheesh it has been a busy week with all of the new collections coming. Today Pretty Little Things from Dena Designs is coming. I love her work, so I can't wait!

Talk soon!
30 comments on "Friday Fun Day (for real) and the Giveaway"
  1. wow1 big week!
    the charlotte bags look different to me...and now Jennie and Clara have free advertising because we all just clicked over to see how similar they are :)

    There are tons and tons of patterns that say you have to contact the seller for permission to sell--why is that a big deal? silly.

    lastly I just LOVE this collection--Bari J. designs fabric that I dream about! LOVE!

  2. The fabrics are just beautiful.

    I, too, am a believer in spontaneous similar design. Like Kelly said, free advertising because I, too, clicked on their link to check it out.

    In life, one cannot expect to please all of the people all of the time.

  3. Wow! And Amen! And I still drowning in beautiful fabric!

  4. How are you walking through you house LOL?
    I think the bags look very different...just saying :)

  5. The farics are fabulous.

    The pattern bag is spontaneous.

    I give thanks to all the people who shares their tutorial and patterns.

  6. Julie, I think you're doing a FABULOUS job, both in your buying/sales and your newsletter. I totally agree with you in how you put it in this post, you are doing us a great service by letting us dip into the collective creative minds of others, and if we want to sell from that we SHOULD be required to seek permission from the owner. Well put.

  7. So...if unsubscribed follower wants to sell items, then he (or she) can just design her own..Jeesh!!

  8. GREAT giveaway and I can't wait for the newsletter!!

    You can't make EVERYONE happy (but you are darn close to that!)

  9. It is a fair policy. Explaining it may help some, but it's definitely fair.

    And I really love, love, love, the fabrics you find for your shop. Really. :)

  10. I LOVE this Lillybelle fabric. Definitely going to have to pick me up some (provided I don't win first). Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. These are beautiful fabrics. Most blogs state that free patterns or copyrighted tutorials are not to be used for sale without express permission. Now, I'm off to MC's blog.

  12. I thought I was signed up for the newsletter but as I think I didn't get one I signed up again. Hope I wasn't too late ;-)

  13. Thanks so much for the giveaway. I love all of your scrumptious fabrics! The bag patterns are nice too. I especially like the crossover body bag.

  14. Great post, Julie, I am in agreement with you! Loving those fabrics, yum!

  15. Oh my gosh!! All these new fabrics are killing me!! I want them all!!!

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  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Great giveaway....sounds fair to me!g

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. I think I would make a lap quilt and merge some of into my stash.

  21. I look forward to your newsletter.
    You always have a great selection of fabrics. I agree that the bags were just a coincidence. Great givaway, as usual! Thanks for the chance to win!!!!

  22. really nice fabrics! and the tote is adorable!

  23. I so wish that I had an unlimited bank account!

  24. Good post, Jules. It is all good. You do a great job.

  25. That's just funny about the bags which are both great.

  26. O wow BEAUTUFUl I M a beginner and so far I M LOVING it.. THank U!! I doubt anybdy would buy what I made any way.. HAHAHAHHA

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. The fabrics are beautiful. I have a tote bag pattern I would love to use with these fabrics.

  29. The bag is very beautiful. I just registered to your newsletter in the hope of obtaining the Charlotte bag pattern. Will I receive it via e-mail, or is it somewhere on your blog to be found? Cheers. Sophie Normandin


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