Happy Belated Monday

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
Oops I lost another Monday... it usually happens when my daughter has an Ortho appt first thing in the morning. Then I have to run as fast as I can for the rest of the day to get all of the orders out.

I just thought I would show this super fun custom kit I just cut for a friend of mine (yes, Becky it is yours)... she is making a fun zig zag quilt out of it.

Yucky rain here for the last couple days... we need it though. Hope it warms up or we will have another non-summer like last year. I even had to turn the heater on this morning... eww.

If you are wondering where the Newsletter went for May I apologize. With the two huge sales I had, Market, and life I just couldn't carve out the 6-7 hours it takes me to put it together. The good news is that next Friday will be a double issue packed full of some super fun tutorials from my friends. Keep an eye out the next few days for previews of the coming fun...

Have a lovely belated Monday :)
5 comments on "Happy Belated Monday"
  1. Love the custom kit you made for your friend..it's going to be a really pretty zig zag quilt with those fabrics!

  2. I love the fabrics for th zig Zag quilt.

  3. That should be a super zig zag quilt. No worries regarding the newsletter. Your fabric junkies understand.

  4. What a nice custom bundle! Love it! Hope things settle down for you!

  5. Great custom kit! *files in head for future purchasing reference*


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