A discount code for the book... and other stuff

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Good News Amanda the Generous has given us a 20% discount code to buy the book (An Apple A day) the Coupon Code is BLOGTOUR ... I hope you get a chance to pick one up.

I am sure most of you have seen this but sweet Maureen had her tutorial on the Art Gallery Blog this Monday and I didn't get a chance to post about it.

Look how awesome!
As a matter of fact you should just go over to Maureen's blog and take a look through the whole week she has been super productive and all kinds of tutorials and fun going on over there. She is also hosting a giveaway for me tomorrow so come back and see us... PS LillyBelle should be restocked in about a week.

About 2 weeks ago I took a class from the Awesome Kate Richbourg it was all about how to use a mini torch to fuse fine silver links... so much fun playing with fire. I had a torch already but I was afraid of it. Now I am loving it... here is a picture of my chain I made and my fingers LOL

Not too bad for my first attempt if you look at the left side those are my first links then the right are my last ones... much smoother with practice. We made jump rings then fused them with a torch (if you click the link you can see some of the process) then I flattened mine and pulled some of them into the oval shapes. There is a picture of my arm and the clasp we made at the link as well... second to last picture :)

Then last weekend I took another etching class and made more fun antique-ish metal pieces to put into my jewelry creations.

I cut out my Bella Brick Quilt on Monday I can't wait to get started on sewing it... hopefully this will be our bed quilt.

So there you go... lots of little bits...

I found a place I want to rent for the shop,  it is a mile away from home and next door to our local post office how perfect is that? Let's see if I can negotiate it... LOL

Talk soon!
13 comments on "A discount code for the book... and other stuff"
  1. You go girl!! Look how pretty your silver links are! I love the combination of the circle and oval shapes!!
    Your bella quilt is going to be gorgeous!!! You'll have to post a picture of it on your bed once it's all finished up!
    Ohhh and congrats on finding a space!!! Put your negotiator gloves on and get a great deal =D

  2. Love it! I like to make jewelry too but never have time to take those involved classes! I like the idea for your Bella quilt.

  3. Estarei aqui de muito longe torcendo e pedindo a DEUS que seja possível,AMÉM???Beijos.

  4. The shop location sounds perfect. When will you have Bella yardage?

  5. good luck with the prospect of a shop.
    you have been busy learning new things that look really fun.
    Off to see what Maureen has been up to.

  6. great job on those links!!! You're a multi-talented lady!! And good luck in getting the space for your shop: hope it works out!

  7. Did Bella arrive and I missed it??? Oh no...off to check.///

  8. Oooh, a real live bricks and mortar place where your family won't break their necks on the way in and out ;o) So exciting, hope you get a great deal, it sounds perfect.

    Loving the Bella and the chain. I did a course in silver smithing a couple of years ago and would have loved to continue, but alas, living in a flat means I can't set up torches and things, so I gave up at the end of that first course before I got too attached! When my knight in rusty chainmail arrives, I will, of course, be expecting to be whisked off to a new home with a garage or something where I can play with these sorts of things ;o)

  9. Good luck with the shop. I am so excited for you. Your jewelery is looking very nice, too.

  10. Congrats on finding a space!!! I really hope you are able to negotiate it, talk about the perfect commute and location for someone who is brick and mortar and online!!! Woohoo!

    I am also mega impressed with the chains, I am definitely not brave enough to play with fire, if I didn't burn myself I would probably burn my house down! LOL

  11. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!!!

    I can hardly bear that you were in class and we did not talk about your fabrics.

    I am so excited that you are opening up a shop with real, live, lovely fabrics for my quilts and dresses.

    I can't wait to hear how it goes! Your online shop is fabulous and I signed up for your newsletter. Hope you stick with the fusing!

    xoxo Kate


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