Giveaway a day early...

Thursday, July 5, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I had a sweet note from one of my clients this week about making a bundle for her to giveaway for her 50th blog post. Well, you know me I couldn't resist helping a sister out... so she picked a main fabric (Lily Bouquet in Dark from LillyBelle) and I grabbed a few coordinates to add in. She needed to post it today and I am going to be crazy filling orders today and tomorrow from the sale, so we are doing it a day early.

This is the giveaway bundle for this week:

So head on over to Kelie's blog and enter win a little of this :)

See you all soon :)
14 comments on "Giveaway a day early..."
  1. Kelie sent me here and I love you store!

  2. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win!
    You have a sweet store!

  3. Love that bundle-- and your shop!

  4. This is a great bundle with so many possibilities!

  5. Craft Nurse quilt sent me here. My next purchase from you will include the Rick rack fabric that is part of Rick rabbit or something like that. I am collecting fabrics in that color way to make a "retro" quilt for me!!! Love your fabric choices in your online store.

  6. And I can NOT thank you enough for helping me out! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! I can't say that enough either!!!!! I love the bundle, kinda wish I could enter my own giveaway! LOL!!! Thanks again, Julie!

  7. You are so wonderful Julie! There is no one quite like you out there :)

  8. Thank you for sending me to the Crafty Nurse. I love the fabrics; grey is always my fall back colour as it goes with blues & yellows. (and black and red and pink and purple and orange and green and ...)
    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway.

  9. Love those colors! They would work well for anyone and in any room. Thanks, Melissa, for all the great ideas. For my next project I'm doing the Double Dresden Delight (ooh - wouldn't THAT be great in BasicGray!) in Christmas fabrics. Thanks a "bundle"!

  10. I could use some moe of this...


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