Play it again Uncle Sam Sale

Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I heard from a few people that they were dissapointed at missing the sale on the 4th because they were away for the Holiday. So I decided to give you all another crack at it. 20% off with coupon code FREEDOM20

I have been trying to keep up with inventory but please be kind if I run out of something. I will ship as quickly as possible but it might be one or two days longer wait depending on the volume.

Sale ends 24 hrs from now, 7 AM Pacific time Wednesday.
5 comments on "Play it again Uncle Sam Sale"
  1. That's great! Now I can be impulsive all over again:)

  2. You are very generous and sweet. Thank you.

  3. Sigh, I am glad I did not see this until now, I'm about to go out for dinner and I won't be on the computer before 7 am tomorrow, that's for sure! Resisting temptation...

    Sigh, but my husband's not home for 45 minutes, I may as well go look at least ;|

  4. Thank you Julie! I joined a Christmas Swap today so this was kismet!


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