Textures, Urban Mod, Woodland Pals, London Calling...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Oops the title got a little long... too much fabric coming in.... nah!

I can't wait until Friday. It is our open sew day at the shop and I am gonna whip out that machine and go to town... I have the itch to sew! Maybe I can break into one of these....

Urban Mod


Woodland Pals

London Calling

Everyday Favorites

So much yummy goodness!
6 comments on "Textures, Urban Mod, Woodland Pals, London Calling..."
  1. Oh...so much wonderful fabrics and so little time!!!!

  2. What are you planning to sew? I hope you have a wonderfully creative day!

  3. That Urban Mod is so cool!! I hope you're feeling better!!

  4. Happy sewing! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with :o)

  5. That Urban Mod is pretty sweet! But then again so is the Textures...

  6. Oh love the Urban Mod and textures.

    Must come by again soon!



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