This weekend is....

Thursday, March 14, 2013
1. International Quilt Day (Saturday)
2. Our Shop's Second Anniversary (Sunday)
3. St. Patrick's Day

So obviously we need to have a party.

Here is a treat for you from The Quilt Show... they are allowing Free Access to over 140 of their shows this weekend Friday through Sunday. They are having a contest to win prizes as well so check it out.

Here is a treat from us: Now through Saturday at Midnight Eastern Time you can use this coupon code for 15% off your order: ANNIVERSARY2

If you are coming in to the shop just write the coupon code on a piece of paper and hand it to us at check out.

Think I will make a custom bundle from this Play-Crafts Palette:


Talk soon!
10 comments on "This weekend is...."
  1. Can't wait to see the custom bundle made fro the Play-Crafts Palette. I love your custom bundles.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! So exciting! I think that means I need to buy some fabric to celebrate, haha!

  3. OOOO. I'm going to have to get this palette. It's our wedding colors!

  4. Oooh what a gorgeous picture and a fun palette to boot! :D

    I was hoping to make it to the shop this weekend, but I have the sick, so that's not happening. However, I need to go next weekend because Gillian is visiting from Boston and she put in a request to see your shop!! Yay! I'm looking forward to stopping by, as always!

  5. Happy anniversary! Have fun this weekend :o)

  6. Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's been two years already. :)

  7. What a generous discount...thank you so much! (Hubby and I will celebrate 35 years on St. Patty's Day! LOL)

  8. Pretty colors in that palette. Happy anniversary.

  9. Ok, Molli convinced me I should play along! How much fun is that?!?!!? I've uploaded 3 palettes because I couldn't choose? Is that ok? :)


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